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Fat Paycheques vs Health

The most desirable thing required by a person is a high well paying job with a fat paycheck. But it also means the amount of fat you are loading in your belly to compete with the pay cheques.


Breathing Power Swar Vijnana

Observing the Swara:
Strong inhaling from the nose allows the individual to understand which nostril has a dominant flow at a particular time. The stronger nostril-flow will have a particularly heating or cooling effect. At any given time, in the human body, only one nadi or nostril-flow, the left or the right, will be dominant. The left flow is known as IDA NADI or CHANDRA NADI, relating to the moon; and the right flow is known as PINGALA NADI OR SURYA NADI, relating to the sun.


Cause Immortality and Longevity

Great men have used many innovative ways to cause immortality and longevity for themselves. Men of letters have the creative capacity to immortalize themselves. These are other men who have used different approaches to cause immortality and longevity for themselves and the history is star studded with these noble human immortal personalities.


Full Breathed Full Lived - Half Breathed Half Lived

Infinite Energy by Proper Breathing

Breathing is a technique a scientific technique which INDIAN SAGES have known ever since the start of the thinking and talking human being. Some people may call it an art of breathing. The process of breathing is much more than inhaling and exhaling.


Yoga and Weight Loss - An Unmatched Phenomenon

Do you know that after several births, we attain the most magnificent birth-as a Human being? But, sadly the youth of today is not concerned about his health and only focuses on monetary issues. This sedentary lifestyle that he gets accustomed to, gradually seeps in to make him vulnerable to diseases.

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