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Veg or Non-Veg

Man is called the supreme creation ever created by God. He has created Plants, animals yet the human soul is his finest creation. He is said to be gifted with the sixth sense or the power to differentiate between good and bad.


Body and the Energy Around IT

We are the creatures of God and are linked to Him in the Cosmos just like a fetus with a mother. The umbical chord between the mother and the child is the universal energy and the invisible link between the Cosmic Energy and us.


HERBS as Wonde Cures

Garlic This simple and effective herb is renowned for its countless benefits. It is also called as the Wonder Drug amongst all the herbs. It has been used by people from all parts of the world due to its health benefits.


Supplimentary Foods

A trip to the Doctor's clinic is enough to convince you that your health is deteriorating. Needless to say in exchange to his heavy amount of fees, he hands you a long list of. FOOD SUPPLIMENTS. The word in itself is explanatory of the zero value it contains in comparison to the natural foods.


Is Tea-Coffee Really Good You

When people generally wake up in the morning, thy reach for their cup of tea or coffee which they feel is ands instant booster of energy. Their mindset is such that they cannot think to move out of their bed without gulping down their daily cups. But do you know the level of Caffeine it contains.

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