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Green Tea Weight Loss Miracles

“Weight loss and diet” is the new buzzword of our modern health conscious society. The mushrooming health centers and diet clinics and queuing up of people for various surgeries, manifest the growing desire among people to shed their extra pounds.


Health in your Hands

Recently the world celebrated the “World Health Day” on 8th of April. In present times of rising levels of health failures in the general public, such celebrations become all the more significant.



Prevention of SLEEP DISORDERS through Nature Cure and Yoga
Sleep refreshes the body and mind. It is an indispensable condition to recuperation of energy. It is a nature’s gift for good health. It repairs the wear and tear of the body. It is during the sleep that the body falls asleep quickly.


Knock at the Doctor within you

Here comes good news for all of us. It says that there is an inborn doctor inside each one of us. So even without burning the midnight oil, to get that impressive degree of M.D., we can still heal a number of our health problems. Now isn’t this a reason enough to rejoice.


Lesser Known Vegetables

India, the haven for vegetarians, flourishes, in a large number of lesser known but high on nutritional value vegetables. It is these vegetables like asparagus, kale, parsley and leek which are at present being consumed mostly in five-star hotels and restaurants and a few individuals kitchens to add variety and flavor to the Indian delicacies.

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