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Passions Do Not Require A Holiday

If you make your passion or your hobby, as your or business, you will actually never need a holiday in your life. However holidays are important and fun to relax .


Password to God and your Dreams

The password to God who is the blesser of all of us humans ' dreams and achievements is as simple as having one's coffee or tea. God is in purest simplicity and believe it that he is accessible 24×7.


Name the Feeling and Feel Great

Brain researchers in the U.S , recently found and said that putting feelings into words makes negative emotions like fear, sadness, anger diluted.


Parenting Happy Parenting

Oh! What a feeling it is to wrap your arms around your newly born . That little bundle of joy, who we've got into this competitive world.


The Power of Intuition

We all are blessed with intuitive powers. It is not an exceptionally gifted thing to a particular person. Each one of us has this particular ability in small or large quantities. As children we had natural talent to listen to our intuition.

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