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Magic of Thoughts

Positive thinking means admitting into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It is the expectation of good and favorable results. A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.


Bikinis will always be obligatory wear for Beach Babes

It’s summer, you are on beach and unless you are a nudist, the best option for near total tanning is the bikini. For the last 45 years, bikini clad beach babes have happily tanned their tums – and Pamela Anderson’s assets are advertising the 90's bikini in style. But did you know that in Ancient Rome, girls just wanted to have fun in a two-piece, too.


Do it yourself Shiatsu

Shiatsu is becoming extremely popular as a treatment for numerous ailments and stress in all its forms – and experts say thatthe therapy can help restore tired sex lives.

Shiatsu originated in ancient China and developed in Japan. Translated, the word means finger or thumb pressure and implies that the practitioner, by applying pressure, effects responses in the patient’s body which result in changes in the body function.


Experience the Magic of Relationship

Loving Couples

"One man all by himself is nothing, two people who belong together make a world". There can be no better way to express the beauty of a relationship than this statement by Hans Margolius. The magic of relationship is that it makes you see a changed world around you, while the fact is that it is you who has changed, experiencing a newfound feeling of love, care and a sense of emotional achievement.


Love is...

Love is a warm, tender, affectionate feeling towards somebody whom you like. And it is forever and forever which can never be removed from one’s life. It is nothing but an understanding between two human beings. It is like a Rose which ever with its thorns maintains its beauty. Love is feeling of liking towards one another. It can be called a force which can guide a man towards the goal of his life.

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