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Spiritual Guiding Encounter

A True Story:
A spiritual guru was once in a public place exhibiting the various evolved creations. People were coming and listening to the benefits from these utilities. Some used to be impressed while some used to be amused through these talks. This was ongoing for some time.


Sublimate Your Soul

Peace of Soul
To Achieve World Peace

Right from the origin of human life, man has endeavored to decipher and comprehensed the grand truth about his existence i.e. spirit and soul through meditation and introspection. The ability to meditate and contemplate differentiates a thinking man from a mere human being.


Love yourself to love God

As children, there was one message about god ingrained into us saying, “god is everywhere and in each one of us”. This message is absolutely true and its prime purpose was to create a feeling of love and tolerance towards our fellow human beings, and to treat people with equality and dignity.


Can Gods and Mans Creation Co-exist

Gods CreationThe creations of nature in all its splendor of mountains, oceans, forests and sky, the flora and fauna and of course man himself speak volumes of the glories of God. Surely God could not have created this breathtaking and bountiful environment only for the appeasement of our eyes.



A person's soul is the metaphysical heart, the life-blood or the essence of that person. However you prefer to describe or think of it, there is one common belief. It is that the soul itself is non-quantifiable or intangible but is seen as an essential part of every human being.

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