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A Statement of Fashion

The fashion accessory trade indeed demands creativity and flair together with sound technical knowledge base vital to production. It also needs professional skills in design, production and marketing to transform an essentially mercurial business in to an economically profitable proposition.


Beauty Secret for All Skin Types

A tall, slender body walking down the road, her ivory skin and blue eyes make you turn your head, her long silken tresses transfix your eyes and the luscious lips enthrall you. Is she the child of Venus.


Diamonds and women a relation forever

In their book “Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps”, Alan and Barbara Pearson, state that the general level of intelligence is higher among women than men. And they humorously back it up by saying that hence it is no surprise that dogs are man’s best friend while diamonds are woman’s.


Do Hyper Mothers Make Dull Children

MothersThey say, the moment, that tiny being is placed in the mother’s hand for the first time after birth; she experiences a feeling of love and fulfillment, unspeakable of. Motherhood is the epitome of a woman’s existence.


Fashion-body, mind and soul

Fashion Mind Body             Soul

The “spring collection at Milan by Giorgio Armani” is the most quick and easy dimension that comes to mind with the word fashion. But body, mind and soul, all the three, have their own strong allusions to fashion.

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