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Yoga and Weight Loss - An Unmatched Phenomenon

Do you know that after several births, we attain the most magnificent birth-as a Human being? But, sadly the youth of today is not concerned about his health and only focuses on monetary issues. This sedentary lifestyle that he gets accustomed to, gradually seeps in to make him vulnerable to diseases.


Maya, MahaMaya, and YogaMaya

Latest research has proved clear of the shadow of disbelief that laughter has both profound preventive and beneficial values. Laughter is positively the best medicine so far there are very few things in current life which make us laugh, while there are hundreds of things that can make us frown, howl and cry. It is not astonishing so that people seem to have gone how to laugh.


Yoga and Laughter

Laughter Yoga is a penetrating. It is a easy yet most philosophical technique based on the philosophy of substitute happiness. It is physically-oriented and does not rely on the outlook at all. As an outcome you don't need to be happy, enfold a sense of humor, or even have a reason in order to laugh. Laughter and Yoga is non divine, non sectarian and non biased. Its impact is purely healing.


Yoga and Junk Food

JUNK FOOD! The very word symbolizes bad health and invitation to disease or rather disease. The Junk in the Food is nothing but Garbage. Garbage if piled up can cause hell lot of problems, leading to health hazards. This garbage if piled up in your stomach can cause worse problems even death.


Yoga and Diabetes

THE ORIGIN Among many dreaded diseases, Diabetes tops it all. Its uncanny and highly prevalent presence makes it the number one disease in almost every part of the country.

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