Astral Projection


you ever experienced a deep melancholy mood say almost like a trance. You stay
physically in a place but yet feel like been somewhere else? Simply put this is
what astral projection is all about. In astral projection the astral body leaves
the physical.

The astral body is one of 7 sheath bodies we all have. These bodies include the
physical, mental, causal, etheric, emotional, spiritual. In astral projection you remain attached by a thin silver like cord to your physical body, something you may not see it yet it remains. You travel out and are aware of things you encounter along the way.
This form of projections can be experienced by every body with little practice. Out-of-body-experiences are not uncommon to you. Yes you might not have consciously followed them but they are easy to recognize. A state of those curious, and usually brief experiences in which a person’s consciousness seems to depart from his or her body, enabling observation of the world from a point of view other than that of the physical body and by means other than those of the physical senses. Once familiar with the technique you can use it in your life for better development.

2. IT IS AN ANCIENT TECHNIQUE You remember, hearing those bed side stories and legends from ancient Texts about saints travelling out of their body and back? They were not false fantasies, it was a practice that was relevant since those ancient times. Astral projection has been in use from the ancient times. Not only Indians knew about astral projection, but the Aztecs, the Egyptian and as well the Atlantians also had knowledge about this. Never ever think that Astral projection is a new scientific gizmo coming out of some pseudo scientific research. Basically Astral projection is a tool, tool to be utilized in understanding the physical existence. Not only the consciousness but the subconscious co-exists together. This is not the case. Consciousness would not exist without the subconscious, without the astral experiences. For that which you desire on the consciousness here is, in fact, laid out, carefully planned, projected, weighed and measured and chosen on the astral experience

a) Before you begin make sure to have a very clear idea about what you are going to do. The point is not roaming around and trying to find a purpose. Point should be to set a PURPOSE and then going ahead to fulfill that. Just don’t think, “I am going to leave my body.”. Plan a specific course — Where you will go, who you will visit , what you will discuss, when you will return, etc.

b) Out Of Body Travel is a pure experience, to achieve that one has to maintain the purity of heart as well as purity of his surroundings. Where ever you decide to sit and experience this method place should be clean, quiet, secure, uncluttered and to the extent possible. In a way, it should be ideally be reserved for Out Of Body Experience. Avoid ‘intruders’ who might just peep in to say “hello”. Lock the door, turn off the television and radio, switch off the alarm, unplug the telephone. Prevent any sort disruptions.

c) You Don’t Have To Bother about your posture but you should be relaxed. You should rest comfortably in a stable posture. You can be lying flat on your back or seated in a comfortable chair or in a lotus/half-lotus position on the floor. As long as you are relaxed and comfortable you can chose any sort of positions.

d) Any Kind Of Meditation needs a controlled breathing. Perfect relaxation can be achieved through various breathing exercises. The breaths are gradually lengthened so that the number of inhales and exhales per minute is reduced. Your internal energy is largely generated by your breath so proper breathing is extremely important. You should try and breath rhythmically which will further lead you to the stage of progressive relaxation. Now you will likely find yourself ready for the next stage.

e) Going To Sleep this is a bit tricky for the beginner’s. Basically what happens is your physical body goes to sleep, your body will become heavy and you will not be able to move it. Don’t try to move yourself at this point that might terminate the experience and result in discomfort. This is called ‘sleep paralysis’, some people panic the first few times they experience this paralysis. But mind you if you happen to be the one who is experiencing it for the first time then you are lucky! You are on the right track.

f) “What’s This ! I am asleep yet I am awake?” You might get the definite feeling of your body is completely asleep, while your mind is fully awake. Now you are perfectly set to minimize any stray thoughts. You can easily focus on what’s going on and what is to be done next. Just relax you are almost there !

g) “I Hear a Humming Bird ” That’s perfect, you are doing well ! You are bound to hear a sound that may be as gentle as leaves rustling, could be more like the buzzing of insects, or might even be as loud as a roaring train or howling hurricane. If you are lucky then you might as well hear some music. What is happening is at your energy level, it is changing its form. The energy could result in flashing lights, waves of pulsating colors, etc. Depending on the form (s) your energy has taken, you might feel electric, itchy, like insects are crawling all over your skin, hot, etc. Don’t panic at this stage, think it is normal. Try to relax and concentrate on your purpose of outer body travel.

h) Hide And Seek ! This is usually a transition stage which will pass fairly quickly. What happens is bit funny too, you might suddenly feel like your body is growing in all directions. You will start feeling as if the boundaries are expanding. You may feel it localized around your head, feet or even near your stomach. You might feel like you are simultaneously inside your body and outside of it. Exactly like the hide & seek game !

i) “Am I Passing Through a Tunnel ?” Yes, you might be but remember not everybody passes through the same experience. Some people (especially in near-death-experiences) might find themselves moving down a dark tunnel with a point of light at the end. Some do not. It doesn’t matter. You might hear a click, a switching sound, a crack. Don’t give up it’s not your skull that is breaking ! it’s just a sound. It’s the sound of an astral form of static electricity as you pass through the physical barrier. Then suddenly…..’zoom’…and you are out. Now you will Cherish the feeling, you will feel that you have returned to a familiar place, somewhere you’ve been many times before. You have! You’re home, safe.. You’ll probably not want to leave. It takes a while for your astral senses to switch on. If you see your physical body when you are ‘out’ you’ll probably find that it seems very foreign and practically lifeless, inanimate. Be confident your progress is at high speed!

j) “I Have Never Seen Such Illumination! ” Absolutely right you are, in the astral state you’ll find everything is illuminated by its own light. There is no sense of dark once your astral eyes begin to function. There is ambient light even in an absolute vacuum. Everything shines as bright as the Sun, this experience is almost divine, believe me.

“Hey Is That Me Who is up on the celling?” Wondering how its happening? It is very simple at the highest level you are pure light. In this situation you’ll feel that you are floating above the ground. Even your Feet is not Touching The Ground. You will wonder if you even have feet? . At this point you are not limited by your physical characteristics. You will be surprised to look at all directions at the same time. Actually you can see the 8 corners of the room. This means almost having an eye in the back of the head. You know, It is difficult to see even 6 corners while physical. You can well imagine the power of your astral vision which is not limited by direction. Now is the time for you to feel unrestrained ecstacy, joy, bliss, rapture, clarity, happiness beyond words, indescribable freedom…. You will say to yourself ” Yes, being out-of-the-body is not so bad! ” The answer is in there! Pay attention to the whispers. Your understanding would be enhanced. You will just “know” certain things.. As you gain more experience, insights will begin to stream in. You can “hear” what someone is thinking. That’s just the beginning.

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