Gods will

Hope alone will give us the opportunities, strength and direction to explore, exploit and harness all those hidden and secret horizons leading to heights and happiness untold before. “Hope” is probably the mysterious hint God gives us to fulfill the ultimate plans made by Him for us.

So it is up to us if we care to take the hint, decipher it and reach our destiny as decided by Him, which is always infallible. The crux is as Cathy Jacob writes:
 Today is a fresh day, be it sad or gay,
Try things in a new way, No matter what it may be.


“A chance to make a fresh beginning,
And to change failure into winning;
To live a little better,
And let your faith not shatter.
You can be a winner,
When God is on your side;
Just trust His loving care,
For He can turn the tide.”


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