Kick Start Your Day With Power Packed Mornings

Morning Exercises

We all know that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. According to this popular belief, starting off the day with high energy exercise ..

It has numerous reasons to keep you fit as a fiddle and help you ward off those extra pounds fast. The reasons are:

  • The best reward you could give your body is morning exercise. Since mornings are the time when your energy levels are very high and soon tend to decline in the evenings, it is highly suitable to work out during those hours. This would make the metabolism faster and help in burning more calories.

  • Besides physical tuning the mental clarity is also developed making you more alert and active. The brainpower is more harnessed and productivity is elevated.

  • Exercising in mornings elevate your mood making you more prone to happiness since feel good hormones are released during a healthy work out. Thus you feel more content with yourself and bring around happiness to yourself and others.

  • An exercise in the mornings result in good sleep. Even though you have slept less as compared to what you did prior to getting up late you would feel fresh and energized by less sleep since you would feel fresher than long hours of sleep.

  • Your body becomes habitual of whatever you give to it. It tends to laze around if you do not exercise. Similarly it makes you alert and used to the habit of exercising daily. This habit can only be developed if it is done daily.

  • Your fitness level improves on a regular basis.

  • Morning exercise enhances your creativity, motivation, spontaneity and concentration.

  • It replaces high intake of caffeine in the forms of tea and coffee. It stimulates a feel god factor similar to that of caffeine.

  • Stress levels are lowered since the body is ready to take up any challenge at any level.

  • Your blood pressure is kept at bay.

If these reasons are not enough motivating factors for you to start off the day with exercise in the morning, try these simple steps:

  • Tune in to radio channel instead of a loud alarm. This would make you getting out of the bed more tempting.

  • Instead of jumping out of bed, slowly turn to your side and gradually get up. Starting way to rise from bed will interfere with your body’s natural way of waking up and cause more trouble than easily waking up.

  • After having woken up leisurely, stretch yourself as if you are touching the ceiling. Feel like a cat stretching its body with full force.

  • Gently breathe in and out concentrating on the bad energies being flushed out and inhale fresh and positive energy inside.

  • Greet your day with a smile. Start by smiling at yourself in the mirror.

  • Think of the positive things going to happen in the day you would be starting off.

  • Remove the curtains to bring sunshine in the house. This would bring in the zeal to live and bring a spark in your life.

  • Try stepping outside and enjoy a walk amidst fresh air and chirpy birds.

  • Indulge in a healthy breakfast fortified with fruits, which contain fiber, whole wheat bread, milk and cereals. This would bring energy without making you overeat and fell lethargic.

A morning packed with such ingredients will ensure to bring in more happiness and productivity.

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