Light work, living consciously in every moment – working with Light and Love in daily-life. There are many ways to integrate subtle realities, and finally All-That-Is, and Light work may be one of them. Light work is a spiritual life-style, an integration of rational mind and intuition in a supportive way.

It can be considered to be a modern mystic-school based on the roots of ancient teachings without the dogmatic limitations. Lightwork includes the deep interest in consciousness, other dimension and views about star seeds, walk-ins and ETs and multi-dimensional-self. A good introduction to light work you find in Practical Metaphysics. Ascension Movement Multi Dimensional Self, Light body and Merkaba Extraterrestrial Connection Angelical and General Spiritual Realms Earth, Nature and Animals Ancient Cultures Groups and Individualities Dedicated Light work Web-Sites Miscellaneous Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Web-Chat.

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Ascension Movement
The ascension movement is, as stated before, a subset of light working, and it’s an integral part of realizing the multi-dimensional self, achieving enlightenment and mastering the physical plane in order to integrate all aspects of the unconditional. A lot of activity has been underway in the last few years. An overview of many different points of view on ascension follows:

ASCENSION (div. Authors)

Detailed information on Ascension, activities, channeling etc. Free of Illusion (Enkodham) Book excerpt on Ascension.
Ascension Guidelines (Celeste and Jananda Korsholm) Short overview of different aspects of ascension (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Extraterrestrial Connection

Within Lightwork, there is a strong UFO-contacted movement, in which information passed from and about other civilizations and realities offers spiritual assistance to humankind. In the context of the multi-dimensional-self, it follows that being a human is a question of identification, as a wonderful quote, from a channeling from Ashtar of the Ashtar-Command, says: you are not human beings, having a spiritual experience, but you are a spiritual beings, having a human experience. In this way, the term alien or extraterrestrial shows our ignorance of the interconnectness we live in. The following information may enlighten further: ET Contact: You Have All Had ET Contact (Lyssa Royal) The main doorway through which many ETs choose to come to you is the door of the human consciousness . Tales from the Planets (Celeste Korsholm) On planets and their purpose, a spiritual/metaphysical view An Extraterrestrial’s Journey to Earth (Shaari) Example of a Walk-In, how it feels when coming onto the physical plane The ET Connection & Ascension (Starbuilders) Two excerpts of books written by Starbuilders The Pleiadians Book (Barbara Marchiniak) Collection of channelings (posted on UsenetNews) Masters, Extraterrestrials and Archangels (René K. Miller) Pictures and short descriptions Alien-Cultures (div. Authors) Overview of cultures ie. Pleiadians, Zeta-Reticulis (Greys) and others as well. The Ashtar-Command (div. Authors) Sorted channelings by various channelers The Dolphins (div. Authors) Dolphin related information.

Angelical and General Spiritual Realms

One of the main mystical aspects are angels, wonderful light-beings who assist and guide individuals (spirit-guardians) Until personalized divine qualities known as archangels can be present. Lightwork incorporates a lot of esoterism and theosophical teachings as well as ancient teachings from the vedic culture, for example, the teaching of chakras and mantras, ways to connect oneself to spiritual realms beyond duality: Esoterism: Spiritual Hierarchy (Eduardo Gomez) Theosophical teaching according to Alice Bailey Masters, Extraterrestrials and Archangels (René K. Müller) Pictures and short descriptions Study of Angels and the Dimensions (div. Authors) Highly recommended overview of angelical realms The Interplanetary Federation (Birgit Klein) Star People: Vedic Understanding (Jal Kae) Short discussion of different (mis) understandings The Keys Of Enoch introduction) (J.J. Hurtak) Profound and classic book published 1977 already, often references (source of Merkaba teaching) The Aetherius Society, A Cosmic Concept (Brian Keneipp) Worldwide Spiritual Brotherhood dedicated to the salvation and enlightenment of mankind.

Earth, Nature and Animals

Lightwork means too, ecological balance and respect for the animal kingdom, as well as the mineral and plant kingdoms, the realms of the devas. As in the shamanistic context this is a major part of spiritual teaching, and lightwork remembers this aspect of daily life as well: Messages From The Animal Kingdom (Toraya Ayres) Collection of transmission from the devic realms Merlin’s Earth Magic (John Armitage) On ley lines, sacred geometry and crop-circles Planetary Clearing (Carol Willis) Guided meditation and affirmation for planetary clearing Animals Serving the Development of Mankind (Birgit Klein) Short thoughts on animals and humans, and the way to assist each other The Elementals & Devas (div.Authors) On elementals (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) and Devas The Dolphins (div. Authors) Dolphin related information Crop Circle Gallery (div. Origins) Few crop-circles (full inline images) Amaterasu: The Goddess of Light Re-emerges () Article from first FOL (Flower Of Life) Newsletter.

Ancient Cultures

Recalling the past may help to understand the present and future, and their problems, as we face the same patterns again, just slightly different. For example, the information about Atlantis may help us to understand the meaning of technology not as the center of human belief, but as a tool for our usage. Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria (div. Authors) Thoughts on these ancient cultures Mayan Calendar (div. Authors) Mayan / Tibet Prophecy (Hunbatz Men and Aluna Joy Yaxk’in) Report on The Star Knowledge Conference, June 1996 (Richard Boylan) eport On The Star Visions Conference, Nov 1996 (Richard Boylan) May those remembrances (akashic records, channelings) help us to understand the destiny of humankind.

Dedicated Lightwork Web-Sites

Some special web-sites, out of many sites, which I consider very sincere and accurate in their intentions: New Earth -New Heaven (div. Authors) Wonderful site for lightworkers, a lot of material and addresses SunBow (div. Authors) Spiritual walk-project to envision racial harmony and a world free from environmental destruction Motherheart (Elizabeth Papapetrou) Resource that encourages nurturing in all aspects of life. The Weaver (div. Authors) Monthly zine that explores current developments in human consciousness and ancient spiritual wisdom. The Aetherius Society (Brian Keneipp) A new yoga for a new age: there are many paths back to God. The best include Love, Service and Self Knowledge. World Transformation (Flemming Funch) Site dedicated to transformational Aspects: Economic, Ecologic, Spiritual, New Society Forms/Structures, etc. Metatron Foundation () Web-site about Metatron Consciousness and Ascension Techniques Celestia WWW Server (Harpreet Sandhu) Sterling Rose Press, Spiritual Rights Foundation (Academy For Psychic Studies) and other organizations.


LIGHTWORKS is a totally new and different kind of spiritual community. We are a group of individuals who are working together to know not only the higher truths of life, but of the universe and the God force within us and without us. Our classes teach us not only these esoteric principles, but useful and practical things that can be used in our daily lives.

LIGHTWORKS was started by Rich Parker and Diane Jensen to be a spiritual center committed to uplifting the consciousness of all to unconditional love, acceptance, and peace. We are a center of spiritual learning and the healing of mind and body. The products we sell here on our web site represent LIGHTWORKS’ belief in a higher force, using the tools that were put here on this planet for us to use to better ourselves.


Rev. Diane Jensen became interested in alternative healing methods due to personal challenges in her life many years ago. She is now a gifted spiritual healer and Traditional Usui Reiki Master. She crafts many of the metaphysical/healing pieces of jewelry shown on these pages, as well as teaching and healing people from all walks of life.

Rev. Richard Parker died in 1989, after a scuba diving accident off the coast of Cape Cod. He was miraculously revived afterwards, and after his near-death experience was given the gift of being able to access the crystal and mineral kingdom. He believes the gift of vibrational healing that was given to him is something we all can have if only we learn to listen. “We all have a spark of God within us and the crystals help us to tune in that spark to the spirit realm,” Rich says. “I have been doing this work for many years and have seen incredible things happen to many clients. Some come weekly, some monthly, and some just once in a while. Your path is yours; however, free will can work to your highest good if you want. Karma can be changed, if you change your energy. I have been replaced on this earth to share this knowledge and help with the personal and planetary ascension process with love and light. I invite you to join me on this wonderful pathway!”.

If you need a special crystal or stone, or even a beautiful piece of jewelry to help you on your path, please contact us. We are more than happy to guide you to what is for your highest and best.

The HOUSE of LIGHT is a Spiritual Retreat and Healing Centre where individuals and couples can explore new dimensions of intimacy that prepare them for the journey towards spiritual sovereignty and unconditional Love. The tranquil setting in rural south-eastern Tasmania provides the ideal environment in which to undertake such work.

Guided by Selenna and Jaraya, each person is assisted in discovering their own “rite of passage” that will transcend the limitations of living in struggle with their day-to-day situation. The shedding of these bindings allows one to come into their true power… to take charge of their lives in a way that few believe is even possible.
By accepting the Creator within, the individual takes responsibility for everything in their existence. No longer willing to be pushed or pulled by any other force, there is a deep sense of inner peace and harmony as one’s vastness is remembered… the inner mysteries that have long been forgotten, which are a vital link between recognizing who we are and why we are here, and discovering how to return Home.


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