Male and Female – Overpowered by Their Brain

Men, who are dominant by the left side of the brain, make decisions based on logical, Analytical, sequential and rigid thinking. This makes them high achievers in the fields they chose.

 However it also has a flip side. Due to their concentration at one level, they are unable to do more than one tasks at a time. Women on the other hand take credit on this account and tend to juggle more than one work simultaneously. That is the reason they balance home and office at ease. While they give their hand in preparing power point presentations, they are also able to cook, clean, help the kids with their home work. This is due to the fact that they are dominated by the right side of the brain. They also have a sixth sense which help them in judging and perceiving things better and clearer. Their creativity is also better expressed better and they come up with new concepts and ideas much better than their male counterparts. They are more open to new ideas and concepts and give a new dimension to their workplace.


However it is also clear and precise that the left brain also controls the rules and regulations which were fostered by our parents when we were kids. These rules are influenced by the right brain at such a level that we simply cannot tend to change them even when we grow older. It is also noticed that any illness minor or major is treated by the brain. If the brain permits only then will the body recover.


The contradictory fight between both the sexes proves that they differ in their sense of perception. Ruled are overpowered by different sides of the brain. Their thinking quite often makes them quarrel over the tiniest issues. The importance lies that we, according to our respective genders should accept, respect and recognize the differences. While accepting these differences we can solve problems, improve relations and maintain our health. Even though men and women are dominated by different sides of the brain, we still have the ability to use both our hemispheres in an appropriate manner. We have been brought up in such a way by the society that we use our left brain for logical, sequential approach to problems solving despite of huge number of female teachers.


Men are in a habit of controlling situations and making bigger decisions. This way they feel a sense of control over things. Women on the other hand do not use left brain very occasionally therefore they undergo moments of hypersensitivity and trauma and even depression.


However we have the power of using our minds and use both styles of thinking in ay situation we are subjected to. It is very interesting to note that both hemispheres when used simultaneously work far better than the sum of two independent hemispheres.


COMMENTS: The Simultaneous Use Is A Great Universal Creative Energy And Power. That is what our

Ancient Indian Spiritual Sciences Always Practiced and Preached .


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