Money Does Matter


MoneyToday we live in an evolved society where our requirements are not met by hunting or attacking each other neither can we be self reliant for all our needs.

We are part of a socio economic society which functions on certain principles of give and take. Our society has come a long way from the barter system to the current monetized system of trade.

We also belong to the highest form of evolution i.e. human being and a human society grows on the basis of relationships. When we enter into a relationship of our free will there is a shared love and warmth between the two people and a tacit acceptance of mutual responsibility towards each other. Out of this love and attraction springs a family. As people in our life grow, so does our responsibility. We know money cannot buy happiness but so also love cannot feed the stomach. A right balance of love and money is essential for survival and sublimation in this socio economic set up.
When you take the vows of marriage you take the vow to protect and nurture your partner and the family. But one fine day in search of truth and enlightenment if you leave your dependents to fend for them-selves, would be an escapist approach. A man who while living in the society discharges his duties and enjoys his rights and still remains aware of the transient world is enlightened indeed! Though a family’s emotional and spiritual needs are satisfied by love, the psychological and social security needs can be met by money and money alone.

There is a saying that money is not every thing in life but it still is as it runs the life , and many social and developmental activities .
But there is another aspect to it. Money is a very titillating object. More the money, greater the comforts to the body and better the luxuries to the senses. So how much money is enough money? Because there is no limit to indulgence and mirth. In fact the harder and smarter you work, the more you earn and the plenty you possess. And it is absolutely fine to live in affluence and abundance. According to Ecclesiastes, “Every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God”. It is a misconception that inner peace and wisdom comes through asceticism or seclusion.
However there are people who are looking for spiritualism and wish to renounce the world and its possessions but feel bound by social and family responsibilities. Vedanta says that true renunciation is not in giving up possessions or shunning their enjoyment. It profoundly explains that as we grow up our childhood toys do not interest us anymore. We do not throw them away rather buy more for our kids and even take pleasure in playing with them but intrinsically the dolls and toys do not hold any further value to us. Similarly we may collect and be surrounded by possessions and even enjoy them but do not get attached to them. This is true renunciation and test of character.

Ironically life of a family man and matters of money are not so easy to resolve. A man may have fewer wants but not the people around him. Or his wealth may be enough for him but meager as a family. In such circumstances, a man even if he wishes to lead a simple life and pursue self satisfying job which may not be financially rewarding is not possible. He has to scrimmage through unfulfilling jobs and life conditions. But why does he do it? He could have chosen to leave and let them be independent of their own. But he chooses to stay because he deems himself responsible for them.
It was his free will to stay because he saw himself as a supporter. Now if he opted for this family life he should not cringe about the dissatisfying yet rewarding job, rather work heartily for it. Because this job and its financial compensation is helping him to fulfill his choice of being the support and the security man.
Our life is a merger of body, mind and soul. We are endowed with the senses to savoir the beautiful physical world around us. Non-fulfillment of desire of any of the three elements of our existence is life incomplete. We would miss out half the story if we give up money because money enables to live the physical life and a better one at that. But our folly lies in believing that body is the only element to be gratified. Money only enriches one part of our existence i.e. physical. It is not the be-all and end-all of our living.

We may certainly live a social and satin-clad life supporting and comforting ourselves and our loved ones. But as we grow and willingly reach to satisfy our intellect and soul, the mysteries of life will be revealed on its own and the dilemmas and anxieties will come to rest. The body and its paraphernalia will on its own slide down the hierarchy of desires and fulfillment. Money does matter but how much it matters is for you to decide.

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