Sex or Creations Nature of Creativity


A young lady asked her male friends why men have so deep breast obsession with women’s boobs. The answer was very enlightenning , saying that when men ogle, they like to imagine what is underneath womens’ clothes! Young lady was spellbound . So that is what is it all about. It almost amounts to a virtual rape , The young lady thought .


Men visualise women naked while they look at them! The friend even confessed that woman’s face, bust, clevage, naval, legs and figure are things men evaluate in the very first instant they look at them. The bigger, the better and attracts more !


These olders don’t even spare girls as young as 11 or 12. Girls are not used to such lousy experiences and are not able to understand what is happening around. The young lady advises these girls to understand that men are wild monsters and they leave no opportunity to turn themselves on. The worst is that the females can’t really do much in a situation like this . They are forced to deal with the perverts who are stripping them in their imagination and fantasizing about their bodies while ogling at them .

Gentle ladies, so beware! Who knows when , some one may be rating you this very moment? Watch out for those scanning eyes. Men, mind your manners , greet a lady looking at her in the eyes not ogling at her breasts and body . Men who look here and there, no matter how learned they may be, downgrade themselves in the eyes of the ladies. Ogle as much as they desire and can , we all appreciate beautiful things but do not tolerate the nonsense of doing this while the women are speaking to them . Let the ladies not see what they’re lustfully admiring with such seductive fascination!



Men with their mothers as infants . its SO NATURAL . Men love the one thing that fed them.

Most men go for the breasts than other parts of a lady.

This obssession begins at very early stages . Girls fall in love with their fathers and boys with their mothers even as infants . It is very natural .

Some men like their faces , their breasts become secondary.

Women the ones who exhibit body language or revealing dresses that lays more emphasis on their parts below their neck, men’s reaction and response reflexes act likewise. Many men are like that.

Totally depends on the thought process that individual men and women have. This can’t be generalised that all men imagine on see in a female but of course all men and women as per OSHO the greatest contemporary mystic of the 20th centuary, nature has created this auto thinking process and men and women think of sex after every few minutes .

This frequence changes and slows down with the growing ages of men and women and their health standards .

He also cautioned Sex is Divine Creations Divine Nature of Creativity, Sexual Information is a must for growing up teens , Sexual Guidance is parents foremost duty ,Sexual Impulse are very powerful , Sex is divine creation of God , Sex must be legitimate , Sex must be guilt free .

Some men feel that Ogling is equivalent to seeing Nature – Ocean, greenary, rivers, mountains , hills, valleys, snow, trees Created object of Nature . Since Nature is the reflection of God Almighty and His Divine Power . God’s Divine energy has transformed itself and enlivened it with precious milk for new borns ever since HE CREATED LIFE AND WANTED IT TO KEEP GROWING AND EXPANDING IN ALL DIRECTIONS . See how a baby child looks at his or her mother’s breasts. Habit mechanism of the pschological mind continuous , as most men have a child in them some where even when they are 100 years old .

Would ladies like to tell why women like flaunting their breast , of all the assets, that they are blessed with . It is obvious they are obsessed with their breasts themselves .

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