Todays Life with Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone User“In small proportions we just beauty see

And in short measure life may perfect be”.


These beautiful lines by Ben Johnson apply so aptly to this 2.5 inch gadget we call “Mobile”. While this gadget may not have made our lives perfect but it has most certainly made it much more than convenient.

It has revolutionized the communication industry like nothing before and literally turned the world into a global village connecting cities, countries and continents through its tiny, flashy variant body. Imagine you handle more than 50 percent of your business and social life through a gadget that fits into your pocket. At the flash of a thought you can connect any where. If there were humans on other planets in the universe mobile phones could connect us with them too.



Technology has traveled beyond our imagination. The blitzkrieg communication system has left no gaps in letting us contact our dear ones though physical distances may separate us. With the pressing of few keys, we send congratulatory or consoling messages to our loved ones, sharing our happiness and troubles with them. The sense of being connected with them itself psychologically allays our fears and anxieties and the medium of voice is understood to be more expressive and effective means of communicating emotions.


The change in the social life is only a speck in the wide spectrum of areas where mobiles phones have touched our lives. From literature to sports, politics to crime, entertainment to economy, nothing is out of its realm. We thought phones were meant only to talk and music systems to listen music but not anymore. Today when you dial a number instead of hearing the usual dial tone, you now hear the latest song. Similarly when our mobile phone rings we have the choice of hearing a soft piece of music, or birds chirp or the latest chart buster.

If this entertainment wasn’t enough the GPRS technology is now making it possible to download and view movie clippings and animated songs. And shortly we would be able to see entire movies and channels on the mobile itself. A big corporation is coming up with pay per view technology like google has pay per click for it’s advertisers . It would also replace the ipod with hundreds of songs being stored in the mobile itself and making our own MP3s. The enormous database which was accessible through internet on PC will now be available on the cell phone.



A sport is the vigor of life and one or more sports like tennis , base ball , soccer and cricket etc. hook every nation like crazies. The service providers have caught this nerve and now whether we are traveling, attending a meeting or a marriage, the sports update of the tournaments like Wimbledon , world cup .Olympics and others are available right there on the mobile phone. In an Irish study, where young respondents were asked what kind of technological gadget they would prefer if stranded on an island, 52% voted for mobile phones and only 18% for TV. No wonder at this biased outcome, when mobile phone does much more than the TV center, providing information, entertainment and above all connectivity with the real world. We had seen politicians campaigning in rallies, in news papers, through hoardings and press conferences. But little did we expect receiving pre-recorded calls on our personal mobiles phones of Prime Ministerial and other candidates canvassing and requesting to vote.



We believe computer and internet to be the most startling and revolutionary invention of modern technology, thereby underestimating the potential of mobile phone technology especially its impact on the social diaspora. PC will soon be replaceable by mobile phones as most work like text messaging, games, information downloads, voice transfers, etc will be managed through cell phones. Apart from this there is a much higher penetration of mobile phones in the rural and illiterate classes as well. One technology after TV that is gulfing the rural urban, young old, rich

and poor and educated and illiterate divide is the mobile phone. Though the complete applicability of mobile phone features is still the domain of the elite, its basic uses are now the prerogative of the masses.


This commonplace nature of mobile phone and the extensive use of text messaging have invaded even the literary circle. There is an entirely new sms language coming up in its own style which must be peeving the purists. In fact there are prospects of complete novels and books being read in the form of text messages in its own peculiar expressive language. The literary class may rightfully call it the technological assault.

Another social aspect that has come up with pervasive use of mobile phones is that the couples feel the text messaging has helped them in away to be more expressive about their feelings and stay connected and close in their daily lives also. The sense of romance has been accentuated subtly with the SMS doing its rounds while people are in midst of work.



But the one area that has seen tremendous reform and growth is trade and industry. The telecommunication industry is burgeoning with the ever increasing demand of handsets and connections. Worldwide telecom service revenue has grown from $840 billion in 1998 to $1.4 trillion in 2004. GSM operators on an average add 4 new subscribers every second. On account of this overwhelming popularity of cell phones, the total number of phones worldwide had for the first time surpassed the number of TV sets in 2001.

We can now imagine the kind of lucrative market that is thriving for the manufacturers and service providers which has created other host of opportunities for infrastructure vendors, consultants, software vendors, and monster scale job opportunities etc. This massive demand has also worked very favorably for the public with the user rates coming down steeply though gradually. The handsets and recharge options are now available in the widest range to suit every pocket.



The technological advancement has changed the face of banking and billing. With the clicking of few keys, your electricity, telephone and mobile bills are paid from the comfort of your home, no more standing in queues and wasting time. Most of the banking transactions can be conducted through mobile. Paying the insurance premium, bank charges and viewing the bank account statement, depositing your dividend checks was never so simple. Now the banks are offering credit cards embedded in the mobile phones.

The time that is saved and profit that is earned by being in constant contact with all the parts of the world and taking quick decisions and communicating them simultaneously is stupendous. The security and stock markets are volatile and unpredictable world over. But today the investor is able to monitor the markets from all places and at all times, the brokers’ tips on market are available on the mobile and all this leads to quick and resourceful decisions. The cumulative effect of all these reforms is positively reflected in the expanding economy.


With the advent of the blue tooth technology (wireless), the limitations of cable networks and infrared have been overcome. The blue tooth technology does not require the two interacting machines or gadgets to be in close proximity to function. Imagine walking into an airport and your blue tooth device instantly checking you in, no more waiting and queuing for hours. While at the same time the airport’s blue tooth network updates your personal organizer with latest departure times and precise directions to luggage check-ins area.

There seems to be no end to the far reaching possibilities of this magical technology. The concept of smart homes and smart kitchens is the latest to be worked on. The researchers are working towards creating homes and kitchens where almost all household chores could be digitized and programmed. Those will probably be the 4th generation mobile phones. The day is not too distant when man to machine interaction will be taken over by machine to machine interface.



Technology with its phenomenal growth has surely transformed our world for good but there have been some negative repercussions, to which we can not be blinded. The rampant and indiscreet access to information by the young children has resulted in loss of their innocence before age. It came across as some profane cases in which people circulated indecent and lewd photographs. Further as if the paparazzi and stalkers were not causing enough stain on celebrities, the MMS has lead to private moments of celebrities being captured and forwarded for general public viewing.

The social setting is equally affected by the mobile phone ringing and beeping in midst of important public gatherings and thereby distracting the crowd and the people on stage. Also the increase in safety of students carrying mobile phones to schools is still to be measured but the nuisance it creates in the classrooms is a visible fact.



The organized crime and terrorism scene has also got an impetus. With the 24*7 contact with the gangs and leaders the probability of victimizing the target and accomplishing the mission has drastically improved. Also there are use and throw Sim cards available through which chances of traceability are negligible. Frauds of huge amounts are also taking place with innocent people being duped and made to pay for calls they never made. There is a large racket of duplication and cloning of Sim cards and batteries, operating in the grey markets.


But the most debatable is the health hazards posed by mobiles. A number of studies have shown that mobiles emit radioactive radiations while in use and extensive use can lead to cancerous tumors also affecting the beating of heart. An Australian study found that mice exposed to pulsed digital mobile phone radiation over 18 months had twice the risk of developing cancer. Excessive exposure to mobile phones has also shown to lead to rise in blood pressure by between 5-10 mm Hg and Alzheimer disease. Another study has found that it can reduce the sperms in males due to the radioactive radiations.

Further a person who is driving and talking on phone, his reflexes work at half its ability which can prove fatal. However people now use earphones but even in this regard a research by a doctor at the Apollo Hospital shows that using the left ear is better than using the right ear . The radiation shields are also available to lesson the hazardous impact. Though a number of authorities argue that the negative health consequences of mobile phones are exaggerated and causing undue fears among users, however it cannot be ignored that mobile radiation is intense as evidenced by effects on aircraft navigation systems or nearby conventional telephone or music system.



Seeing the tremendous influence of mobile phones on every facet of our lives, life without it is unfathomable. Its absence would leave us helpless. But a more responsible and ethical use of this wonder gadget would make it a truly 21st century revolutionary bringing in sweeping social and industrial changes and help the society and the world become one family. The future of this multi tasking instrument is that of replacing computer, TV, music system, cameras and much more. And its enhancement features will see no end till man’s natural magical instrument i.e. MIND does not give up. Well good things do come in small packages.

We wish GOD has a mobile phone so that we can instantly pray to him on his personal

number .


If it was possible it would bring yoga of mind body soul union without any effort. Meditate now take three deep breaths and be aware and relax and get connected and pray so that GOD agrees to be online for all humans. It would create a peaceful abundant and affluent world on the planet of earth without any wars and purify the entire environment from pollution and the society would become disease free and the mankind would then live happily, equally and eternally without any racism with GODS love over flowing. It would remove the differences between the scientists and religion. No proof of GOD’S existence then would be required. Mysticism would then be revealed
Is it possible? Maybe today or tomorrow. Because this universe is 3d and holographic. Every human being is connected at the subtle level.
Aquarius age is setting in and earth and sun are in ascension. The possibility is very Great.

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