Vande Mataram

It is through another spiritual descent of the shiva-shakti that truth insights into this great creation of the national anthem were revealed .


A whole new deeply meaningful explanations emerged out for the message that is contained within the national anthem.This is being shared with a pure intent of creating awareness towards the in-depth great meaning and message that comes along with the national anthem of a great nation.
The whole composition is a treasure. It is through this that the unique primal shiva-shakti concept is presented.

The first evolution from shiva-shakti is Jana.
Jana is symbolic towards Brahma – the creator. The creator Brahma is the master of all beginning. It is from the creator that creation occurs. What is created is only Satva, Raja, Tama – the three Gunas or qualities. Satva is most closely explained in english as pure. Tama, the opposite of satva is most closely explained as impure. Raja is most closely explained as magnificient. Brahma is in command of all qualities. It is this creation that moves propelled with the force of its shakti, and what evolves from herein is the Jana-Shakti or the force/energy of the three qualities.

Gana is symbolic towards Shiva – the whole and complete. The whole and complete Shiva is the master of all completion. Completion also signifies in another manner the end or termination. Shiva is hence also called as the destroyer or terminator. The creation that is created and moving with its shakti moves through the entire worlds. The entire world is that what is of the Deva – the angels, Rakshasa – the devils and Manushya – the living human form. Shiva is in command of all Ganas – the worlds that are affected by the Gunas – the qualities . The whole and complete creation moves propelled with the force of its shakti, and what evolves further from here is the Gana-Shakti or the force/energy of the three worlds. It is on account of this force that anything that is created is subjected to a flow into completion and herein from evolves the fact that whatever be created shall be destroyed or rather wherever there is life, there will be death. The life and death cycles evolve from here.

Mana is symbolic towards Vishnu – the preservator. With the emergence of the life and death cycles, it becomes mandatory that what be created need also be preserved. Else, quite simply, life and death shall merge into one or be simultaneous. This is the point that is most complex because already two highly potent forces are actively engaged in creation and completion. The preservator cannot preserve anything endlessly for that is already impossible. And from herein evolves the universal fact of the survival of the fittest. In order to preserve the created qualities that covered up all the worlds, has to follow the paths that be laid by Yoga, Yoni, Yukti.

Yoga has different meanings. Yoga means addition or joining or unifying together to become another magnified form. Yoga means effects or opportunities that point towards the destiny factor that comes through time spans of life cycle. Yoga means a purposeful activity involving specific exercises for specific purposes. Yoga means utilzing energies of will, illusion, devotion, work, reproductive, surrender or service in order to be preserved.

Yukti means utilizing the energies attained through Gyana or knowledge cleverly to direct it with the purpose of fulfilling the laid or considered objective. That is, yukti indicates towards well-planned implementation or strategies that would keep changing as per the situation under consideration.

Yoni is an emergence of utilization of forces/energies of worlds neglected by Shiva. While Shiva became the master of the three worlds, the creation moved over to many other worlds, and these very forces were available for Vishnu to preserve the creation before the created moved itself towards completion. The different Yonis that are utilized by Vishnu for this purpose are Pashu – animals, Pakshi – birds, Matsya – fish, Keeta – insects, Sarpa – snakes and reptiles, Vriksha – plants and Prithvi – material matter.

Vishnu commands all Yoga, Yukti and Yoni. Thus the whole of creation moves through the whole world preserved and protected by the force/energy of the Yoga-Shakti, Yukti-Shakti and Yoni-Shakti before it reaches its completion.

Jana Gana Mana
Thus represent the trinity forces of the Brahma-Shakti, Shiva-Shakti and Vishnu-Shakti.

Adhinayaka Jai Hai.
One who understands this becomes the combined force of the trinity forces and uplifts to a state that is above each of the individual three primal trinity forces. In other words, Adhinayaka points that there is a force that is even above the primal trinity forces and that force is God – the adhinayaka. Glory be to such a God.

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata
Once the principle concept is understood, then can evolve a state such that Bharat can itself be the creator of all fate or destiny. In other words, the understanding of the principle concept can lead the nation to create fate for all. Also such a creation of fate shall obviously be Godly and be for the good of all.

Punjab Sindha Gujarat Maratha
Dravida Utkal Banga
Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga
So move on to spread this principle concept all over the land of Bharat. Reach out to every single person for all are equal parts of this such a Bharat.

Uchhala Jaladhi Taranga
When such a movement of reaching out the understanding of the principle concept to every part of Bharat is begun, shall emerge another huge movement that would be moving itself through as a vibrant vibration in an ocean spreading prosperity and success all over.

Tava Shubha Nama Jage
And when such does begin, an awakening shall rise that shall look at the entire Bharat as an ideal to be followed

Tava Shubha Ashish Mage
And from all sides blessings shall be sought from this such Bharat

Gaye Tava Jai Gatha
And all shall sing glory about the supreme feats of this Bharat

Jana Gana Mangal Dayaka Jai Hai
Bharat Bhagya Vidhata
Jai hai Jai hai Jai hai
Jai Jai Jai Jai hai
With the spread of the understanding of the principle concept to various parts of Bharat, another huge movement emerges that moves itself as a vibrant vibration in an ocean spreading prosperity and success all over. This emergence moves in a manner such that Mana – the representation of Vishnu-Shakti transforms itself to Mangal – the representation of Ganesha-Shakti. This transformation is shubham karoti kalyanam, that is, this brings forth good and goodness everywhere.

With this, the Brahma-Shakti or Jana-Shakti (the powerful energy force of the qualities), Shiva-Shakti or Gana-Shakti or Loka-Shakti (the powerful energy force of the worlds that moves through its inhabitants) and the Ganesha-Shakti (the powerful energy force of the unique combination of Gana-Shakti and Eswara (God)-Shakti) combine together to take up the role of the Adhinayaka. This unique combined energy forces itself becomes Mangal Dayaka or one that brings forth wellness for all all times. Glory be to such a Mangal Dayaka.

It is through this transformation that Adhinaka (God) comes to ground and operates from here on. With this Bharat becomes the maker of destiny for all.
Glory be to such from all everywhere.
And this glory is being sung by all everywhere.
In its due respect of the motherland

Vande Mataram
Agnapushpanjal with its Brahma-Shakti, Shiva-Shakti, Vishnu-Shakti and Ganesha-Shakti
A tiny contribution
Dedicated to the nation
In highest due respect to the deep insight that reflects from within the national anthem
And a tribute to the great patriot poet who created this composition
That the nation sings as its national anthem
With a request to all resident and non-resident nationals to realize this deep into themselves and live to it

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