You can create anything out of nothingness, because God

The world we inhabit in came into existence 4600 million years ago. But the world of bygone eras underwent a sea of change, and the result is today’s evolved and reformed world. The entire flora and fauna surrounding us was created out of nothingness.

The barren earth stood in solitude and then God began the phenomenal creation of life. When God could create this fascinating and miraculous world for us out of nothing, we, who are created in His image, can also weave fascinating realities for ourselves. According to physicists, the entire earth with all its components, whether natural or manmade including human bodies is made up of atoms. Atoms are the building blocks for all matter. These atoms are made up of subatomic particles, which are mere fluctuations of energy and information. Energy and information are abstract, they are only impulses. Thus it concludes that everything is basically made up of non-material; the essential stuff of the creation is non-stuff. Scientists believe that life first began in the shallow, warm-water pools at the edges of oceans, which was ideal environment for vital chemical formations that eventually generated life. The earliest life form was in the form of unicellular bacteria, which evolved over millions of years to become the present day complex life. The intricate network of our intellect also arises from non-material chemical releases of energy in our body.

We see the world of objectivity around us through our body, but we convert this objectivity into subjectivity through our mind and perceive the ideas and thoughts through our intellect. Every thought and idea, every wish and want and every emotion, happens inside the brain which stores our mind and intellect. The brain contains some 50 billion nerve cells. Tiny electrical nerve signals pass through this vast network representing our thoughts and memories. These electrical signals are nothing but impulses of energy and information. The point of significance is that that each individual has different level and quality of these chemical or energy releases and therefore a differentiated thought pattern. This explains why an event or information becomes a reason to celebrate for some while a cause of gloominess for other. The germane fact is that man is the master of his own thoughts. Since thoughts are nothing but fluctuations of energy, if he adopts the function of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for his body, he can regulate the flow of energy level and control his thoughts.


The material prosperity that envelops us is the consequence of application of our scientific knowledge to our lives. The automobiles, dishwashers, super computers, space shuttles, etc could be invented because their inventors and contributors had ideas about it. Thus everything is created out of nothingness or say impulses of energy. The most real yet enchanting example of manmade creation is Microsoft, the brainchild of Bill Gates. The operating system “Windows” is predominantly used in the world. Bill Gates was not born with the thought of Windows or other software and present it to the world at a specific age. The ideas and thoughts were his self-generated. Once Bill Gates’ mother asked him, “What are you doing Bill?”. To which he replied, “I am thinking, mother.” The result of his thinking is above the call of recognition. This only corroborates the truth that the tiny electrical nerve signals CAN CREATE a magical world around us, otherwise how could a monitor, a keyboard and a MSN, come from nowhere?

When the impulses of energy in our body are capable of creating the awesome physical world around us, it can in no modicum proportion generate a mental world fecund with positivism. The kind of thoughts that crop up in our minds is our own doing. If the fertilizer is rich and healthy in composition, the harvest will naturally be high quality and bountiful. We are sermon and advised to have positive thinking because positivism and optimism is the key to unlock success. But to achieve positive thinking is an end in itself. We know that our thoughts are minute energy releases of some chemical composition. So unless we can tame the nature of our energy release, we cannot get the better of our thoughts. The chemicals released in the body are hormones and each such hormone has a specific function to perform. With scientific advancement, there are techniques and instruments to regulate the release of some such hormones but fitting an instrument in our brain to change the quality of our energy impulse is yet to be achieved. But this seemingly unachievable task is indeed accomplishable by each one of us and that too without acquiring any biological knowledge or undergoing a surgery. Until we remedy the genesis of a problem, the problem is only temporarily solved. The energy that is released to form thoughts is guided by realm of our imagination and visual perception. Before a thought is verbalized it is structured in the universal language of “FEELING” or “INTENT” by the energy impulses. The nature of our “INTENT” gives visualization to our mind, which we verbalize as thought. When we ask a child what does he want to grow up to become? Before he verbalizes, “I wish to become a doctor”, he would have undergone a signal that can be decoded as “a desire or intention to become a doctor”, he visualizes this intention as “himself wearing the doctor’s white coat and a stethoscope hanging from his ears” and thus forms his thought to be a doctor. When he works towards this thought, a DOCTOR is made.

Mohammed Ali the great wrestler says, “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Our mind works through pictures and when we modify the pictures to portray our real intentions, abilities and standing in our own eyes, it creates propitious and effervescent thoughts. Having learnt the ropes of generating right thoughts, the fountain head of bliss is our captive. The whole universe constantly reminds us that when God could create the magnificent and ineffable world, His children are blessed with equal wizardry. We are partners and co-creators in all the happenings of this world. So with the dynamism and confidence to be positive contributories to this universe remember the words of George Bernard Shaw,

“Some men see things as they are and say “why”
I dream of things that never were and say “why not”

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