Your View-Your World

True to every detail, it is actually right to phrase this term. Our own small world is created by the way we think. to live we have to change our thoughts.

Positive and Negative Thoughts

Our attitudes, reactions, perceptions and beliefs all stem from the same root Our thinking. Our thoughts transmit deferent energies at different levels. The energy sent by us through our thoughts will attract the same frequency of energy. The thoughts we have will eventually develop a world on its own. In order to change our lives and make it better Thoughts are like glasses. Bad-framed glasses give us a different view of everything we see as compared to correct ones. Similarly positive thoughts are like colorful glasses, which provide a lovely view of whatever we see. Positive thoughts such as love, intimacy, compassion, peace, contentment, and satisfaction transmit higher energy levels. It is rightly said whatever we give so we will get. Positive feelings like love also provide higher levels of joy. Love sends highest energy vibrations. Love given is love received. This is rarely found in today’s competitive world where feelings of contempt and hatred are exchanged amongst all. A person full of wrath and hatred if throws a volley of same vibrations will receive the same. Negative energy have feelings like hatred, contempt, dissatisfaction contain low energy levels.The saying ? what you sow you shall reap? pertains to the fact that the seeds of any fruit will give the same bearings. Whatever you give will come back to you in the same medium. By becoming a center of radiating love you will transmit the same amount at the same level. If unable to receive love obtain that feeling in your heart and love will start flowing towards you. Disease comes to those who are not physically weak but emotionally weak. Their Aura i.e. the energy surrounding them is weak therefore they are more susceptible to weaknesses and disease. Positive thoughts also tend to make us healthy and strong whereas weak ones make us sluggish and diseased.


Thanks giving

Being in direct connection with God enables you to have positive thoughts throughout your life. Thanking God and wishing for his blessings is unique way to foster a positive outlook towards the world. Gratitude is another way to accept whatever has been given to us. It can be in the form of good life, good food, and good health. Feelings of goodness foster immense pleasure to live happily. Offering prayers to the almighty develops a positive feeling and helps to face the world with all its problems with a good light.



Feelings of compassion for one and all help in developing a positive outlook. No one in this world is alike. We are all born with different natures and temperaments. Accepting oneself and others is what is compassion all about. We must complete the work given by God regarding to the destinies he has designed for us. Turning our face from our paths make us questionable to the creation of the creator. Our perceptions towards others and ourselves develop our view to the world. A negative self image and misconception about others would result in unhappiness.The window to the world is in our eyes. The window might be grilled but the picture is same. As they say ? BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER? it is all imperative to the person.

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