Implants and Breastfeeding

Implants and Breasts
Implants and Breasts
Implants and Breast Feeding

Implants and Breast Feeding: Most Common Myth Busted Here!!
Before I tell you most common myth relating to breast implants and breast feeding, let me tell you what exactly breast implant is and why is it done.

Breast Implants are done to make a woman’s breasts look fuller and larger. For this silicone gel or small saline water bags are planted either in single or both breasts with the help of surgery. The surgery to implant breasts is commonly known as Breast Argumentation.

As per a recent survey done in United States more than 70% of women have had breast implants. Out of these only a small portion has complained about small side effects. But due to improper knowledge and lack of awareness there have been many rumors and myths spread related to implants and breast feeding. Most common myth that is spread is, women will not be able to breastfeed their babies if they go in for breast implants. This myth can very easily be proved wrong as most women who have had breast implants report that breast feeding has become much easier and convenient after implants.

However when you breast implant your breast tissues are moved which may decreases the amount of breast milk that can be stored in breasts. In rare cases, women with breast surgery may also experiences certain problems like blockage in breast milk flow or breasts swelling. Since you have a small bag in you breast, you may feel pain in your breast more so when your breasts are filled with milk. These side effects are faced just by a negligible percentage of women and if you also experience above symptoms or pain in breasts which increases when you breastfeed then you can breastfeed occasionally and not on regular basis.

In late nineties, silicone implants were done to enhance shape of breasts but now day’s saline implants are popular. Saline implants are filled with saline solutions which are then placed in breasts. They provide the same results as silicone implants and do not have any side effects, which is an advantage over silicone implants. If you want to increase your breast size then you can also make use of other treatment methods like herbs, pills and so on. These supplementary products are said to provide good results without surgery and have no side effects.

There may be many things about breast implants that are unknown but one thing for sure; Breast feeding is not at all a problem.

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