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Ageless Business Man

Ageless Business ManWho is an entrepreneur?
The word entrepreneur derives from the French word “entre” (to enter) and “prendre” (to take), and literally it means the one who knows to synchronize… between his intellect and assets to accumulate gains (material as well as spiritual).

“It is not magic; it is not mysterious; it has nothing to do with genes. It is a discipline, and, like any discipline, it can be learned.”–Drucker. 1985 (1)Entrepreneurship is about a way of thinking and behaving. Entrepreneurs are people who are engaged in the process of creating and building something of value from practically nothing. They focus on doing and producing rather than watching and talking. Success flows to them as they focus on sensing opportunities, marshalling resources, taking calculated risks and pushing ideas through to reality, entrepreneurial thinking in action.

God: The greatest enterpreneur
Aesthetically or in the world of cosmos God is the greatest, original, ageless, omnipresent and omnipotent enterpreneur who has through his architectural skills and supernatural skills has created the LIFE . He is beyond time and space and is the initiater of huge energy field of this undestructible cosmos. To simplify He can make 24 more universes. The present universe actually has the speed to expand at the speed of light. God has used just 4% of the energy in creating this .That explains the enormous abundance and affluence available for the man kind to avail by using mind rightly. It is not being used more than 20% yet . Since man is the outcome of God’s manifestations, He has made him combination of intellect, emotions, spiritualism, intuitive powers and knowledge which embibes man with collective entrepreneurship so to call consciousness.

The seed : THOUGHT
A man’s mind is like a garden. If we plant good seeds, we will have a good garden. But if we don’t plant anything, something will grow and they will be weeds. That is nature’s law. As someone has rightly said: Our thoughts are causes You sow a thought, you reap an action. You sow an action, you reap a habit. You sow a habit, you reap a character. You sow a character, you reap a destiny. It all starts with a thought. “Precisely it all starts with right approach with right timings, of course age is not the restriction for entrepreneurship. I happened to read a story in one of the books which briefly sums up the approach taken by an entrepreneur. It runs like this: A man died and St. peter asked him if he would like to go to heaven or hell. The man showed his interest to visit both before taking final decision. He was taken to hell first where he saw a big hall with a long table, lots of food on it and music playing. He also saw rows of people with pale , sad faces. They looked starved and there was no laughter. He also found that these people were tied to four foot forks and knives and they were trying to get the food from the table to put into their mouths, but they couldn’t. After that he visited heaven. He found same things and people like in hell. But he got flabbergasted seeing the people there as they were laughing and were well-fed and healthy looking. He noticed that they were feeding one another across the table. The result was happiness, prosperity, enjoyment and gratification because they were not thinking of themselves alone but they were thinking to win. The same is true of lives of entrepreneurs. For example:

Once colgate company’s Md was visited by a consultant who after hard struggle got an appointment with him. He proposed the MD to increase the sale of the co. by 80 percent ( appx.) with his idea only. Reluctant but seeing consultant’s confidence, strong will, belief in self and spitfire gave him an opportunity to give his idea and rest is the story which everybody knows that he proposed to make the colgate tubes of plastic than that of aluminium and also by increasing the mouth of the tube by few cms which brought him position and also money. The owner of pan parag masala also made his fortune by introducing small pouches of pan parag so that general mass can also afford that, which thereafter brought a revolution in the business market of goods . Bill gates the richest man in the world is another example who has revolutionized the world of communications throgh the internet and by creating infrastructure for super information highway. One can call George Bush also the great entrepreneur who is making a protection cell for his country’ s energy security by enhancing oil wealth. Dhirubhai Ambani is another great entrepreneur who established the biggest fortune 500 company in the private sector, though he just started his struggle around the middle age. He came from small village family of gujrat in India and did not have formal education. He has left behind a legend Reliance group which is the pride of India . There are entrepreneurs in all the fields. Alexander the great , Ghengis Khan ,Ashoka the great were warrior entrepreneurs. Columbus who discovered America the greatest country of present times was an adventurist entrepreneurs. There are entrepreneurs in sciences , trading , entertainment , acting , media , politics , writing etc. There are many whom we can name but the list is unending. So the seed is thought if one knows what to get from where, how, when, why and from whom one has the calibre to establish oneself as the greatest enterpreneur. Napoleon Hill wrote Henry Ford never saw the face of school but had these qualities. By and large everyone of us has the potential only the degree varies from person to person and society to society and environment to environment and country to country.

The principles
Shiv khera has rightly said that “winners don’t do different things. They do things differently. ”Enterpreneurs seek perfection in everything they do. They have the guiding principles like having confidence mastered by positive thinking. They have the sixth sense of making their failures their success. That is, they learn from their failures more. They do right thing for the right reason and in right time, they are not carried away by their impulses what brings them credibility is controlling their senses, things etc. instead of being controlled by them. Their best resource is the human resource as they build trust by developing mutual respect with people. They make the most obscure the known and important thing which not only generates wealth for them but also help them in removing obstacles to bring effectiveness and positive results. They know that success can be achieved if they abide by spiritualism and materialism together. They are able to relax in action and act in relaxation as they are not afraid of vacuum bringers like fear, ineffective beliefs, darkness, as they know that these are absences which vanish when the light is there as after every night there is new brighter morning and the Sun shining. King Soloman believed there is always a Sun meridian time as the Sun is always shining some where on the planet . It never sets for the bright thinkers. Precisely they do things differently. Some loopholes Just the desire to make lot of money, having heard that many entrepreneurs have, is not a basis of bringing fame and name as entrepreneurs. Prone to negative thoughts, insomnias, ignorance, problem creators, pessimism, excuses, selfish people, egoist, lack of planning, lack of training, lack of persistence, lack of priorities, procrastination, lack of discipline, fear of failing, fear of rejection, inability to use talent etc. are some troubleshooters which actually has produced unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Some Strategies Some people have a knack for discerning opportunities in ordinary events. But there are things you can do. Attend lectures. Read books. biographies, go through magazines. dream , visualise creatively . Observe what other people are doing. And talk to others who are involved in similar ventures. The smallest key is collect ideas, organize them, develop them in the form of planning, ask questions, think pros and cons, omit what you think is energy sucker or default, and finally reorganize and shoot.
The moral If you want to be a successful entrepreneur build in the insight, the vision, which makes one the best, successful and renowned entrepreneur. As there is a saying:
“ Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers, Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees, Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people.” So think win and be a winner. “
Success desires you to remain away from guilt .
Swami A. Parthasarthy qouted from Bhagwad Geeta , Sin is not in the action , it is the reaction which rebounds after the action .
Plan and take such actions the reaction of which does not make you guilty . Such action of an entrepreneur becomes divine action and no stress can touch you .
Swami Chinmayananda mentioned in his version of Bhagwad Geeta about perfection. The difference between your planning and action is the measure of your lack of perfection. Planning and action go hand in hand for a great entrepreneur whether it is spiritualism or materilaism .You have all the powers within yourselves .

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