Astral Healing the Brahma Satya Way

This is unique healing way developed through System Brahma Satya. The process rediscovered by Sri Agnapushpanjal
has revolutionized the world of healing.

This rediscovery in implementation has made:
It easy for anybody from anywhere easily adopt and apply healings for oneself.
It easy for anybody from anywhere easily provide healings for anybody from anywhere.
It affordable to everybody to avail healings.

The healing world is quite familiar with the word, ‘Astral’. One spontaneously connects it with out of body experience or out of body travel. ‘Wow!!’ this is a great floating experience, great spiritual achievement, good fun, a measure of developed consciousness, etc. True. But when its ‘Astral Healing’ as through System Brahma Satya, it is nowhere similar to any of the above understanding. It is in actuality an ancient concept.
Think, why is it so that

A holy bath in an ancient pond in France cures ailments
Ganges water is such pure
– Just homages at religious temples, churches and mosques fulfill so many devotees intent/desires
– Prayers at Trambakeshwar Jyotir Linga dissolves Kaal Sarpa Dosha

These are the ancient power places of ‘Astral Healing’.
At these places, it is neither the priest nor the ritual that is of importance even though through the passage of time, it has been made to appear such to masses. It is the trust through which one receives and collects these energies that matter most at all these places.No wonder that its held globally that in any process of healing, more important than the healers ability is the healee’s willingness to accept and trust the process.Sri Agnapushpanjal has rediscovered the same ancient process and it is through practical applications of this same that these superior and simple healings are made available to the needing in a mode that is in tune with time ongoing.In System Brahma Satya, Astral Healing is the process initiated through a specific sacred process utilizing the Brahma Sutras. The source is linked here through certain interfaces and pockets so as a direct energy link is created which remains active at will of its creator round the clock, day after day. Thus created, Astral Healing could then be provided to the needy in the form of alternates to the touch healings or distance healings.So typical and potent is this form of System Brahma Satya Astral Healing that even though it does not in any way mean astral projection or astral travel, yet many times the one’s using this healing or the needing of this healing experience the form of presence or appearance of Sri Agnapushpanjal nearby, no matter howsoever remote the needy may be located.
‘Astral Healings’ can be possible though the modes of Touch healing or Distance healing. Applications of these could be in the areas of
Body healing
– Mind healing
– Soul healing
– Karmic healing
– Career healing
– Agriculture healing
– Work Place healing
– Business healing
– Planetary healing
– House healing
– Relationship healing
– Any other area that could be thought of

“Imagine what could have happened if every medicine practitioner would have had to personally attend to the ailing without the aid of any supportive medication!! ”Astral Healings By Touch: The Alternate To The Touch Healings. These healings can be employed by the needy to effective use in a very simple manner. Carriers are utilized for the purpose. These carriers before being provided to the needy are brought into contact with the astral healing source in a specific manner to injects within the carrier the Brahma Sutras utilized for the creation of this source. Apart from this, the carrier is completely infused and energized with the Shiva-Shakti energy that is continuously emanating from this source. The carrier thus provided whenever utilized effects the healings upon the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and astral levels and the healings begin to be effected at a very fast pace. The carriers employed and provided could be in the form of water, oils, creams, jelly’s, emulsions, sugar of milk globules or cubes, pastes, ash, dry fruits, gems and stones, amulets, etc. which only need to be used in the manner suggested. This system is projected as the as better alternate to the touch healings because on one hand, it is active also upon the astral level apart from the physical and etheric levels, and the other hand, it is most convenient because the treatments become as simple as to that taking prescribed medicines with the advantage that being a drugless system, there can be no side effects of any drugs (users need remember that this is an as better alternate for the healing treatments but it is not a substitute for the growth through realizations which comes only by self practice ). This system is termed as the alternate to the touch healings because in this system the carriers are required to touch the healee’s body just as would be required in the touch healings by the placement of palms. The big benefit for the user is that he/she can complete the treatments on his/her own and does not have to depend upon anyone else to provide the treatments, and that in a flat time of anything from 30 seconds to within 3 minutes or 30 minutes.

Distant Astral Healings : The Alternate to Distance Healings
These healings could be adopted and employed by the needy in a manner which is even more simple than that explained in the process of the Astral Healings by Touch. The Distant Astral Healings are being provided to the needy through the procedures given below :
The needy has to needed photograph/s to avail these healings.
The distance healings are also being provided for trial and experience sake through the Healing Web-pages.
The processes of Astral Healings by Touch and the Distant Astral Healings, when adopted in tandem, are quite capable of providing great healings at rapid healing rates, because through this combined working, the healings are actively working simultaneously upon the levels of the physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body and astral body and thus inducing the desired effects also upon the ketheric body.

Just Imagine,
How Beneficial It Could Be,
If Just While You Go Through Your Regular Routine of
Yoga, Meditation, Fitness Exercise, Jogging
You Simultaneously Avail These Astral Healings!!!
That’s the Beauty of these Astral Healings
It is Amazingly Simple
And fits in your own laid routine.

Aura Scan and Its Correction through Astral Healing Products


Before Product Usage

After 30 Minutes ofProduct Usage


The colors in our aura can tell a lot about our personality, effects upon our physical body, likely effects possible on our physical body in future, astrological effects and also our blockages. Auric scan patterns are generated using the latest Aura Scanning equipment and devices. Aura Scanning can determine what area of our body is in need of healing. Once the Aura Scan pattern is examined, it can be determined as to which Cosmostrals are best suited for the problem. Thus, this provides us with an opportunity of correcting our energy patterns. In both ways, preventive as well as curative.

The Astral Healing Products have the potential to transform the healing ways.
Few Experience Reports on Astral Healing

Reported Problem Application Product
October 2002 Recently underwent a surgery for appendix removal. Bed-Sheet and Pillow Cover.

Slept very soundly the same day when used this. Could feel very different and pleasing energies circulating in body. The next day, the stitches started oozing fluid. The doctor was not available for medical consultation at the time. The fluid oozing was very high and towel after towel wrapped around the area was getting completely drenched within a few hours of wrapping, the pain was not so severe and within bearable limits. The fluid oozing stopped the second day and the stitches dried out. There was no need to consult the doctor for this anymore. In fact felt more refreshed and energetic after this experience. It did appear later as if the use of the bed-sheet and pillow cover had in fact cleaned out all the remaining toxins from the inside.


December 2002

Arthritis, Swelling over both palms, having black spots all over. All fingers hurting and very painful during movements.

Application Product
Hand-Gloves. Advised to use for 30 – 45 mts. twice daily.

Started using hand-gloves twice daily as advised. Since that day stopped taking any medicine prescribed by his doctor. Within 1 ½ month’s use of products, all above problems are gone. Am completely cured. No Arthritis pain, swelling and all black spots vanished within this few months of use of gloves.

Reported Problem Application Product
January, 2003 Diabetes Bed Sheet

After one-month use of this product my diabetes report has come normal. I am yet to check the reports for the second month. But I continue to use this product and have observed that whenever the product is used, the next morning the discharges from my eyes appear as dried out. But on the days when I have not used the product, the next morning my eyes are quite watery and they continue to be so for quite a while as the day proceeds.

January, 2003

Muscle of eyes very weak, Acute pain in Eyes & Head during Reading & Watching TV

Application Product

I had acute pain in my eyes & head which worsened upon reading & watching TV. The doctor said that the muscles of the eyes are very weak & extensive exercise session could relieve it somewhat. I readily tried the scarf for the above problem. Within 6-10 days of using it the pain doesn’t bother me any more & even today I had been working on pc for the last 6 hours with no strain in my eyes.

Reported Problem Application Product
January, 2003

High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart problem (artirary blockage).

Sandalwood Necklace-Advised to wear 30-45 mts twice daily.

I am a B.P. patient since last ten years. Urgent medical was needed on 09th December2002 due to uneasiness & B.P. shoot-up high. Had to be hospitalized . On initial investigation it was observed that ECG is not normal & doctors anticipated likelihood of artirary blockage and was advised for Tread Mill Test. Blood test conducted also reported presence of sugar. On Jan 18th, the TMT test was conducted and it’s results were quite surprising. I believe it to have been so due to the usage of the Sandalwood Necklace. After this test, the doctors have suggested that no further investigations are required at present because it is only a very mild positive report. The physical condition can be taken care of just through diet control, walk and regular medicine. I am greatly relieved with these test reports because otherwise I would have been referred to for further surgery for the heart. Also the level of blood sugar has come back to normal limits. These results within a short span of around 3 weeks of astral healing product usage is truly miraculous and beyond expectations. And I am very optimistic that even the other deficiencies shall be resolved completely in due course of time.

Reported Problem Application Product
December, 2002 Blood Pressure & Schauberg’s disease Socks Bed Sheet

Before I share my experience of the scan let me share with you all that I have been extensively using BCPL Astral Healing Products for the last one year or so and had been experimenting with it’s usage for various applications. Since I can feel the energies well, there were no problems for me to believe it’s working. Some spectacular results were obtained through these products. These Astral Healing Products have made their permanent existence in my system for the last one year or so. I have recommended these products to every one who I felt needed it. Then on 7 th of October’ 2002 I witnessed the spectacle of these products at Durg and even a regular user of these products like me was surprised to no ends.The Aura Scan software and hardware were very impressive to start with as it took about 7-8 minutes to take aura measurements and a coloured presentation on PC monitor. It clearly Indicated the development of Chakras, disturbances, concentration of negative energies,Stressed RHS of my system. Now the effectiveness of BCPL Products were at test i.e. the speed at which they work. I wore gloves for 20 minutes or so and again the Aura scan was done. I could not believe myself that the products, which I have been using for last 1 year, were so fast that in 20 minutes they could bring major changes in color, pattern, concentrations and shifts in my Aura system. I gained at places here. One I knew exactly where my negativities are located. I became conscious of them so as to work on them. I also saw the for a particular problem which I thought it was over, the negativities were still there at my Aura levels and further working is required. The second was that I knew that with the systematic usage of Astral Healing Products near perfect Aura and associated health at physical levels can be achieved.

I redid my Aura Scan after 20 day at Durg to check my Aura patterns, as I was now conscious of area where I was supposed to pay attention. I was amazed to observe that a clear path has been established from my crown to the left palm from where negativities are being dissolved out from my system. I was suffering from a disease which sounds like Schauberg’s disease. Both my feet were slowly but steadily being filled by black spots these spots completely covered both of my feet and started extending upwards. Though physically there was absolutely no problem i.e. no pain no itching but the spots looked very bad ( to me they looked ugly) for four years I consulted many doctors / skin specialists. I was told very straightforwardly by a very old skin specialist ( may 75 years old) that there is no cure for this ailment, I may keep it under control by Calcium intake. In later stages I would be suffering from cramps in thigh region. I had resigned to my fate and the fact that I cannot show my feet to any one. After I started using astral socks for healing purpose along with other products, I did not notice any change in first 4 months. After that I stopped paying attention to my feet at all. But I kept using the socks for the whole night for the last one year. One day I looked at my feet before going to Durg ( on 5 th October’2002) I was thrilled beyond words that my feet were looking like mine after 5 years. Only 10 % faint spots are remaining and rest have gone. It is clearly reflected in the Aura Scan that the ailment is still there at Auric level but now the releases will be faster. Through BCPL Astral Healing Products a totally new field of curing/ dissolving ailments at Auric levels can be achieved as a preventive measure also. The ailments will be dissolved from the auric stage without manifesting at physical body level. I feel myself to be fortunate enough to be one of the early users of this revolutionary field.

Reported Problem Application Product
February 06,2003 Financial Crystal Necklace, Rudraksha Necklace, Hand gloves & socks

Since last year I have been wearing Crystal Necklace. I do not always wear it, only when I need help financially. Some how I always manage to find what I need at cheaper price. I limit myself to wearing it because I feel I don’t want to become greedy. Only when I deem it necessary I use it and it always works.I also wear Rudraksha necklace. This I wear a lot daily when I am not Working. When I wear it I feel as if I can reach within better my insight into problems and situations become a lot clearer. Most important I feel more at ease with myself. I know when I am unreasonable or irritable, know the inner reason and also know what to do. I accept the situation. Gloves & socks I wear infrequent mainly because prefer necklace. But I do sometimes wear them. I can feel the energy working on different parts of my body where needed, mainly arms and feet. I would like to try the sheet one day. May be I Will.

Reported Problem Application Product
February 06,2003 Emotional Tulsi mala

This is a very strange story but since it related to the usages of Astral healing product I decided to share it here. Last three-four months I believe for a lot have been pretty traumatic in various ways, especially… emotionally. I ordered a Rudraksha Mala but what I received was a Tulsi mala. So taking it to be as what God thought necessary for me, I with an attitude of total gratitude accepted it & wore it. There never a thing as mistake so knowing this mala is for peace harmony and focus clarity. I was very happy. Little did I know my life home office family wedding in the family overseas guests all rolled in a condensed form living together in & out of our homes, Christmas Season being the most busy for us transferring of residence. Oh sorry first looking for a with brokers from office 7 am to 6 pm find time to search for this special home to accommodate all & be in our budget. Whew al I got to say “YES I DID IT”. Not only was I at peace but also did not retaliate back with any member& if busy any chance I felt irritation or anger, surged a strong sense of duty to explain my reason to the affected person in concern, Why I said what I did, so either the children or house helpers or family could definitely think what they felt but I did not bother with that. My clarity was there in making them understand why it was necessary to express anger to get what result out of that, then I was at peace again. Now in the new home its perfect in every aspect, its our temple we’ve got to put the effort yet the harmony is being maintained. My main point coming to this Tulsi mala, which is never taken out except during bath time. If I have naval or solar plexus uneasy I wear it single to let the energy flow with full faith. Otherwise double at the heart charka. Just the way I want to function. If I had my way I would make every person get one Tulsi mala as a must not for any other purposes, as I feel. You feel so much justice in every issue & clarity, forethought for right is pronounced with peace love & harmony being main focal point, to be reached at and attained. Bussiness was there are sooooo many ups & down. I was laughing at myself as I was truly blessing our competitors sincerely not feeling threatened at our huge loss or any drama. It was okay because God knows best. This I cannot explain but hope you all understand how if any of you in that position would have felt or even if me a year ago would have reacted. Now I don’t want to part with my mala or if I have to want to keep this peace within. This the best tool by BSR prayers healings that today there is much understanding and awareness.

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