Chinese Astrology

Chinese AstrologyChinese Mind Reading It’s interesting how every civilization in the world has its own interpretations of the factors that influence our lives and our characters. In the west people look at the planetary positions and the zodiac sign that you belong to in order to determine these characteristics about our nature.

In all you have to know is the year that you were born in!!! Three systems are used -The heavenly Stems, The twelve Earthly Branches and the twelve animals. It is all based on a 60-year cycle of life. Legendary King Jade had everything his heart desired in his palace in heaven.

Bored out of his mind and he wanted to know what was happening on earth. He sent his servants (he had plenty of those!) down to earth to bring back 12 animals as a sample of the life on earth. He alone knows why he sent the first invitation to the rat but in any case! Then invitations were sent to the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster and Dog! Lining them up he realized that there were only 11 animals, annoyed because his orders had not been followed he sent his trusty servant to look for the 12th animal who brought the first thing that came his way -the Pig! You see the Cat had forgotten to come! The King being a just man gave all the animals positions according to the character traits that he saw in them. The rat being enterprising enough to entertain the king by his beautiful rendition of the flute got the first place. The second place went to the Ox, and then came the tiger that appeared to be courageous. Then came the rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and last but not the least the pig.

The Rat

Gregarious and witty, the rat is a very disarming animal! I feel essentially silly saying this considering how scared I am of rats but that’s the way it works according to Chinese astrology! If you’ve got it Flaunt it -that’s their motto and boy have these rats got it! A sure sign of a rat would be a very large circle of friends. But beware behind that sweet smile the rat is a very sharp animal knowing exactly what to do to twist people around his little finger Miserly in their outlook they can be generous to those people who have proven their loyalty to them. They need constant challenges in their lives to keep them on the go otherwise they would wither away and die. This quest for the best has honed their skill in becoming a keen strategist. Verbal banter is an art perfected by the rat. Even though to onlookers they may appear to be sharp tongued They will never be boorish. To find true happiness rats have to develop a sense of self and also make room for the others in their lives. They are most compatible with the dragon or the monkey.

The Ox

Born leaders, perfectionists, trustworthy are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the Ox. They believe in doing things well or not at all. They are absolutely focused on their goals and nothing, rain, hail sunshine or snow will deter them from achieving what they have set their eyes on. They have a methodical approach that helps not to make any mistakes when they are doing something. Tirelessness, attention to detail of course is a part and parcel of the Ox. In case you need sound stable objective honest advice -the Ox is the one for you. But since they appear to be so work oriented, other friends and relatives may think them inaccessible and incapable of loosening up. Caring though they are they tend to get uncomfortable in crowds which makes them very introverted. The icing on the cake they don’t give a shit about what others think of them. Stubborn and inflexible are some of the Ox’s negative points and nothing will move them from their chosen path. A good lesson for the oxen would be to overcome their judgmental nature in order for them to connect with people more easily. They are most compatible with the snake or the rooster.

The Tiger

Winner and Tiger may be used synonymously if we go according to the Chinese zodiac. Magnetic and authoritative the tiger will always know how to make people toe the line and do what his heart desires. The tiger will always be a leader be it at work or at home. Speaking of home reminds me that they make the most passionate lovers. They tend to have a raw appeal that makes them irresistible. These warm feline animals are very prone to mood swings that sometimes make them difficult to handle. Characteristic of tigers they can pounce without a warning. They react poorly under stress and they are frequently given to emotional outbursts. Moderation is the only advice that can be given to tigers. Once they stop racing through life and concentrate on one particular goal, they will be the happiest. They are most compatible with the horse and the dog.

The Rabbit

When you think of a rabbit the first thing that comes to your mind is a ball of fur. This is what they are-cuddly and loving. These sensitive animals tend to be kind and compassionate and hence, have a wide circle of friends. Romantically they tend to idealize relationships and will do anything to keep them going. Even if they have to give more than they get themselves. When they do get into a hole, which is pretty often, they always have a lot of people around to get them back on track. Basically very sensitive creatures they will do anything to avoid a fight. Insecurity being their biggest weakness they tend to be pessimistic and will need time spent alone in rumination. They like attractively furnished houses and will spend more than they can afford in order to look better than the rest. Learning to love themselves most and the security that it offers will get them far in relationships. For the purposes of work they have to learn to be assertive. They get along best with the Goat or a Pig.

The Dragon

Chinese Astrology_2If you ask me the sagacity of the Jade King is unparalleled because when he assigned these animals to their respective years, the characteristics are actually pretty much what the animal is all about. The dragon is the most powerful of the Chinese zodiac. Vibrancy, tenacity, intelligence and luck are all elements of the dragon’s personality. They are very good at getting their own way and they sometimes surprise themselves with the ease with which they can get their colleagues to go there way. The dragon is definitely in Cupid’s good books because they never seem to have a problem in that department. Their ultimate goal in life is definitely not material wealth but they seem to have it showered upon them in any case. An opportunist by nature the dragon knows exactly what to do and at what time. Woe betides anyone who tries to take the Dragons power away, the mighty animal singes. If someone does manage to defeat the dragon, he will slink away without even an ounce of grace. In order to be able to live life to the fullest all they need is to be flexible, tolerant, and compassionate. Learn to appreciate the mighty things in life and you will be the happier. The most compatible with the dragon is the Monkey or the Rat.
Official reputed and dignified person, warriors and brave persons, soldiers, jewelers, artists , performers of dramatic arts, chemists, druggists, dealers in gems and stones and goldsmith.


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