Cosmic Evolution

It was when the one and only Shiva had the first intent of observing itself that it all began. This Shiva is the universal spirit or the sole spirit or the universal soul or God.

This Shiva created its own prototype as it observed itself. This was the creation of Brahma – the old, wise, peaceful, knowledgeable form of Shiva. As soon as created, Brahma was in awe and appreciation of Shiva, bowed respectfully to Shiva to take its blessings. Brahma saw Shiva as an eternal light or akhanda jyoti or an endless form with beginning and end not known, and thus a glimpse evolved as regards the first perceivable form of Shiva, that of a lingam, the closest representation of akhanda jyoti. In respectful reverence, Brahma sought its instruction from Shiva. It was Shiva who addressed Brahma as the creator of the universe and gave the name of Brahma itself because Brahma means the universe.

Brahma also addressed Shiva as the Param Shiva and Prajapita Brahma. Param because Shiva is the supreme being and Prajapita because Shiva is the parent/father of any of the creation of Brahma. In due respect of Param Shiva, Brahma first created a form that was dedicated to Param Shiva. And named this prototype as again Shiva. But this form turned out to have a form of Shiva that would provide completion to any creation and this completion would be provided through termination or end. In due course of time, this form of Shiva became a nemesis because it would terminate any thing that be created. Thus, this shiva took up the form of the destroyer of creation. It was the dawning of this realization that baffled Brahma and Brahma approached Param Shiva for help and guidance. It was this request that created the emergence of the form of Vishnu from Param Shiva and Brahma. This form enabled the creation to go through a cycle fulfilling its purpose before finally meeting the completion. This form took up the role of the preservator for the creation. Vishnu having evolved directly from Param Shiva bowed in reverence to Param Shiva seeking its blessings for the assigned work and addressed Param Shiva as Maha Vishnu. Thus evolved the trinity, each having its own assigned purpose in the cosmos. While Brahma worked with the qualities or gunas – the raj, the tam and the sat in the neutral manner, both Shiva and Vishnu also got inclined to the specific gunas of tam and sat respectfully.

Thus evolved another further typical orientation in the cosmos, wherein the trinity evolved typical role formation such that while the purpose was holy, yet Shiva and Vishnu took up opposite role play in the cosmos and Brahma assumed the balancing position between the two. Yet it was not wholly possible for just Brahma to balance the forces of Shiva and Vishnu. As a first balancing act initiated from the level of Param Shiva evolved the balancing force that was needed to balance the universe or thus emerged the Shakti. In the form of Kali to attend to the situations that might evolve from the Shiva side and in the form of Durga to attend to the situations that might evolve from the Vishnu side.Brahma in the course of working, with the two primal Shakti forces around itself realized the importance of appreciating its inner creating force. And thus evolved Saraswati, the goddess of art, the shakti that went into the work of Brahma. The force of Saraswati moved through vocal expressions in the form of melodies.

Shiva also immediately went ahead and manifested its own inner force. But since by nature, Shiva being attuned in to the opposite, the force that emerged out from within Shiva turned out to the opposite of the force that Shiva wished to evolve. Thus evolved Parvati, the goddess of patience, commitment, sincerity and surrender. The force of Parvati moved through enticing body movements in the form of dancing.Vishnu also immediately went ahead and manifested its own inner force. Thus evolved Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty, care and affection, sincerity, and thus abundance. The force of Lakshmi moved through creating expansions through the expression of loving care. Vishnu also invoked Maha Vishnu to create Maha Lakshmi, the goddess that had all in it. And Vishnu is devoted and towards firstly, Maha Vishnu and Maha Lakshmi, and then towards Brahma, Saraswati and Parvati. And it is this Maha lakshmi that empowers further Kali and Durga. The force of Maha Lakshmi moves most easily through Lakshmi.

In the course of time, Shiva got inclined towards the negative forces or the rakshasic elements, Vishnu the positive forces or the devic elements and Brahma the human forces. And for the sake of the human element, time to time, Vishnu had to take up the additional work load for the human element.It has been Vishnu who has understood Shiva completely and is the only one to be able to handle this force until the time comes such that the purpose of the creation is fulfilled. And it is only at this time, that Vishnu allows Shiva to go ahead and perform its role of destruction. Vishnu always has also appreciated works done by Shiva (which have been mostly the allowed works), praised Shiva to everybody and in fact has given the title of Devadhideva (god of gods) Mahadev (great god) to Shiva. All this because Vishnu knows the high ego carried within Shiva.

Over the period of time, Shiva and Vishnu being aligned in opposition vide the nature of work needed to be executed, also in a natural manner commenced adversely affecting each others work; Imaging of self elements and strategic activities to weaken the strengths began being put into practice. While Shiva could multiply images rapidly, Vishnu could not. Hence Vishnu also commenced the activity of transforming Shiva images into Vishnu images or Brahma images. Images of Shiva and Vishnu aligned themselves into so as to kill one another for themselves to survive. And another dimension opened up in this rivalry of the primal forces, and that was targeting of the dynamic force or shakti in order to pull it from its prevalent positional field into the opposition field so as to weaken the main primal force. The concept is universal and projects itself as actually happening through various forms that seemingly are in no manner connected with the primal elemental forces.

The biggest example of this approach is the incidence of the Sagar Manthan (or the churning of the ocean). This work began because of Vishnu, who engineered it to recover its lost force of lakshmi but projected it as a need to evolve out the nectar of immortality. It was Vishnu who continuously monitored the process extending support through actual needed work as and when needed so that the weakened devas get empowered with amrit. It was here that Shiva got named as the Neelakantha or the blue throat one. The whole world bows to Shiva for selflessly swallowing the poison that emerged from the ocean. This was in fact a happening engineered by Vishnu and it was because of this happening that the sagar manthan could be completed and the devas saved from the rakshasas. And even though Vishnu engineered the whole incidence of swallowing of poison by Shiva, this is never ever understood or realized anywhere.

It is because of this very incidence that Shiva further got reknown as the master of meditation and no greater meditator than Shiva can be found anywhere. And it was because Shiva went into meditative state that Vishnu could relax and go about with its own purpose of creating expansions. This meditation state of Shiva by itself opened out another dimension that commenced into universal activities.It was here that through these intense meditative states that Shiva established the direct connection with Param Shiva singularly. This feat being a possibility only through the deepest levels of engrossed and focused singular activity of attaining the resources that be needed so as to effectively counter the preserving forces. And since this generated a possibility of connecting with the ultimate directly without any need of anybody, Shiva is truly addressed as the Devadhideva Mahadeva or there is no lord greater than Shiva.

Meanwhile further in the process of creation of the universe, Brahma went ahead and created further resembling figures of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. These sage forms commenced the process of further evolution through Gotras. Along with these sage forms were associated again partners of the female form and it was a union of these two forms through which the creation moved itself subjected to preservation and destruction. The forms that evolved out of the Gotra level were all celestial forms.

While the cosmos began expanding itself in this fashion, simultaneously more things happened. Shiva independently promoted its own philosophy and put the universe into the state of imbalance, and Vishnu got engaged in reversing the Shivaite philosophy to reinstate the universe into the state of balance. Shiva commenced the philosophy of nothingness and to reach to it started the process of uncontrolled non-directional division of units. And Vishnu for the reason explained above had to commence the philosophy of everythingness and to reach to it started the process of controlled well-directed unification of units. Thus nature through this went through a process of soul division and soul unification. Soul division was an easy thing because no explanations need have to be given as to the reason for this. Thus evolved the system of inner realization because Shiva would not ever explain anything to anybody because of the silent meditative stand that is projected all over the cosmos. But, with these divisions evolved more number of actual bodies associated with the divided soul units. And to reinstate the cosmos back into the state of balance it was left to Vishnu to explain so in detail to the embodiments. Thus evolved the process of unification or soul mating.

Soul mating is the process of highest level of spiritual operations under the control and command of Vishnu. This involves realizing the whole through the union of the existing divided soul, while even maintaining different embodiments and commencing the journey into the higher world realms. For the process to initiate, the primary need is an awakened soul. One awakened soul is enough to commence this process. This is a divine process that begins through an happening and moves itself through happenings, always endorsed to its validity by nature itself. It is initiated only with the flow of unconditional love or purest form of love that comes forth after the realization of years and years of sacrifice. It emerges from the ocean through and with the emergence of goddess Lakshmi. Even before this emergence there are umpteen time of natural signals that it is so about to happen. Once this happening does take place, anybody who just simply moves with the awakened soul is blessed with the awakening. While the soul mating does happen at the level of Lakshmi and Vishnu, it is not just that this is what is soul mating. This is a holy process meant for the highest well being for all. Soon after the first soul mating realization, does evolve an association with a number of other souls evolving the realization of soul level relationships. There comes forth a mating of souls in the various relationships. These soul mating are equally potent and uplifting in and around the field that is set around the awakened soul. The awakened soul, in the flow of pure love, also attends to the uplifting of embodiment mate level to the soul level just through the mere clear wish of it to be so as made by the embodiment mate. Even if there be not a clear wish of such to be so, the awakened soul attends to such embodied souls and uplifts them too unconditionally while endorsing the detachment that if has so becomes inevitable.

Every steps that be taken by the initial awakened soul reaches itself out to transfer the benefits to all of its associated soulmates unconditionally. Soul mating is the pathway of godly realization and reaching oneself into the state of light beings as the process commences and then gradually reemerging oneself into the celestial being form before merging with the trinity form and then move oneself into the universal spirit. This is a highly complex field that moves in the worlds of reality as a course of happenings that are unstoppable with the awakening of the soul. It is the individuals who take up the role plays in accordance to the cosmic evolution and move through the maze of the matrix that is ever and continuously expanding and contracting and evolving itself into a inter-connected complexly yet simply connected maze.

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