Create Your Own Identity

“Identity crisis”, is yet another negative psychological and physical offshoot of the modern day lifestyle. As if the water crisis, energy crisis and food crisis of the world were not enough, we have this self created crisis of self.

And the suitability of the word “self” in “self –created” is quite ironical at that. If you mistake to think that this crisis is of personal or individual level, you are missing out the larger picture. The magnitude of this crisis is huge, frightening and universal. The worst identity crisis we are facing today is that we have stopped identifying ourselves as humans at all. The present sorry picture of the world corroborates my statement. When man turns thirsty of human blood, we begin to identify with cannibals and sadists. The whole world has taken to a killing spree. The newspapers carry stories of human blood shed in some corner of the world every single day of the year without exception. Our rationality has fallen prey to basal instinct and this in turn is creating lot of victims of human envy and intolerance in the most globally challenging phenomenon of terrorism.

Some man wisely remarked, “It is a grim reality that we prepare for war like precocious giants and for peace like retarded pygmies”. On whom do we set the blame for this grossly unnatural and inhuman identification of ourselves? The fanatic religious leaders, corrupt politicians, the ordinary citizen who gets swayed with zealous talks or the one who is indifferent to all of this? Our world is in its gory condition because each one of us has a clandestine selfish interest which has overpowered even the basic humanity within us. The first and foremost identification that must dawn upon us is of a human being. Realize that we have a mind to think, a heart to feel and a body to act upon these thoughts and feelings. Once we understand ourselves as thinking human beings in the scheme of creation, there evolves individuality for each one of us. From individuality springs the aspect of ego. In terms of psychoanalysis, ego is that part of the mind that is responsible for the interpretation of reality and the sense of self. The ego then has two roles to opt for. We may either feel a sense of being a unique individual. However, this sense of uniqueness is not the same as the other role of being ego-centric. Though there is a very thin line dividing the two. Swami Chinmayananda says, “Renounce Ego” is the Lord’s only request. ‘And I will make you God is the promise’

We do not have to become a conceited self-engrossed person in the wake of our individuality. But most often than not, we misinterpret our identity as self centered space. In actuality, the question about creating our identity is itself misplaced. You already have a very separate identity from others, uniqueness to yourself. The question then arises of awakening to this identity and using it to enable others to unfold theirs and thereby mutually succeed in accomplishing your desired goal. In our practical life, we establish contacts and relationships with several people on both personal and professional level. No man is here by chance. Each of us has a role to play as individual, in this worldly drama. The talk on identity makes sense if we succeed in delivering our part satisfactorily. The relationships are crucial for both intrinsic and external growth of the self. Here comes a full circle, because while the self is dependent on relationships, the strength of relationship is dependent on the self.


Any relationship, be it between colleagues, classmates, friends or lovers, lasts only when you give equal space to the other person’s identity. Your identity blossoms right at the moment when you decide not to quash the other person’s individuality. You are indispensable in the world because there are events and things meant to happen through you, for you and because of you. When you spell out your own indispensability you appear conceited and vain but when the other person feels your void on his own, your identity is accomplished. Part of the identity work is already done by God. He has created a place for every individual but carving a niche for your self is a matter of personal inclination. Apart from inclination, our stiffly competitive world expects us to be perspicuous and tenacious. While the number of people indifferent towards an opportunity are aplenty, the people ready to grab and make the most out of it are also abundant. The decision to be on either side of the opportunity is yours. However, if the opportunity is used only to further personal motives, it certainly creates an identity but not a very pleasant one to hear or read about.


The path of riding the horse of opportunity is very precarious. If the head is not firmly placed on the shoulders and feet planted on ground, the ascending horse sooner or later surely stumbles below. Opportunities are meant for you to grow and rise above your older self and not ride over others. When we view any chance or prospect as a way to rule others and crush their space, our humble human identity begins to fade. Identity is not simply about wearing titles on your shirt. It is about perceiving your individuality as a man who thinks for himself, feels for others and acts for the overall goodness of the society. We are here not by coincidence and we do not meet people by coincidence. Every man who comes across in our life touches us in some way and helps us to become a newer person. Let every person and each opportunity add to the brighter hues of your identity, creating a more beautiful you each day of your life.

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