Dating-The Real Story

Teens get excited about, parents dread it, youngsters are curious about it. Yes it is none other than dating.

The D word catches everyone’s attention but do we really know anything about it? Do we really have to be afraid of, Let us find out. Dating usually refers to a meeting between two people on consent. A date involves the two of them going out for movies, picnic, sight-seeing, discotheque. Usually people can opt dating different partners to find out the level of compatibility between them. This can further on assist them in getting married in the near future.

Dating also involves meeting people online. This meant that people can actually can rely on the World Wide Web to find their perfect partners. The reasonable beneficial part is the wide variety of people one would get to know. When two people meet often they are able to find out each other’s interests. Any incompatible feature can result in the end of the relationship and can further continue with another person. Usually two of them may be above 16 years and take the permission of the parents before going out. They are allowed to go only on the valid condition on coming back on time. Dates might be fixed up by a third party or a matchmaker who might be a common acquaintance from both sides. The tradition has been kick started from the west where it has been transferred and accepted by other countries. It is soon spreading its wings to suburban areas too. While dining out it is preferred that the man pays and not the female since it is courteous. This show the assertiveness of the male domination in the relationship and respect for the female counterpart. However, nowadays with females becoming more self dependant and economically stable, they prefer to go Dutch which does not seem like a pocket burning evening for the male.

Dates can be categorically divided into different parts:

·         Single date where the couple goes on their own.
Double date where the friends or any other common acquaintances come along with the couple on a date.
Blind date where none of the two parties are aware of the looks since they have not met each other. It is usually set up by a  third party or internet service.

How to organize Dates

·    Through parties and workshops, people of diverse background with common interests are brought together. They are encouraged to participate in various events to show their interests and build up a rapport.

·    Online Dating services : They have become the latest craze for youngsters where they do not have to wait for the perfect one. They simply become a member and upload their profile and voila the compatible person is soon found. The process of taking charge of the relationship is completely in the hands of the two people.

·     Mobile text dating: This involves a series of conversation or Text message where the two know the interests of each other.

·    Virtual dating: Thanks to the Internet new and hip profiles can now be created and compatible people with the same interests are met. This helps in creating an impressible image of a person on the other which further increases self esteem.

The Other Side of Dating

Though it seems very lucrative, it also has its own potholes.

  • The person on one end may seem very enthusiastic over the proposal and waits eagerly for the positive reply but his self esteem is soon shattered if the response is cold or negative from the other side. This can cause depression, feeling of loneliness, hatred, poor concentration and lack of satisfaction in his/her life. So, one has to be emotionally well prepared before taking the plunge in the deep ocean of dating.

  • Young children often are too eager to impress and woe their girlfriends and can go to an extent of cheating or lying on their parents to buy gifts for their girlfriends. This can harm their relationship with their parents in the future.

  • Sometimes, there can be too much pressure from the boy’s side on basis of sexual advances. The girl might be reluctant, but the boy’s persuasive nature can break the relationship which can be very hurtful for both sides.

  • Often sexual encounters during dating can lead to unwanted pregnancies which can destroy each other’s careers. Caution is a must to be taken to ensure a happy and healthy relationship in the future.

A beginning of a new relationship depends on a steadfast belief on values and upbringing. A person with good moral values can always ensure to be a good date. Keeping safety measures in mind, one must know the facts about dating before proceeding. It is always safe than sorry.

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