Divorce-I Do or Do Not

In today’s world where everything is fast. Fast food, fast drinks, changing habits, profession even houses. Another concept has cropped up.

Changing spouses or DIVORCE. The very word sends shivers down the spine, as it still seems a taboo amongst our minds. With everything becoming fast and instant Divorce seems quicker than marriage. This is because of the easy availability of second marriages or an easy access to money. Instant divorce lawyers pop up like instant coffee and brew up simulations to make marriage last even lesser than what it was supposed to be. In an attempt to save marriages people tend to stick to wrong people for long and continue their life forever. Or do they find reasons to leave their counterparts. Is that right? Let us find us!

The Emergence of the Super woman
Owing to the changes in the 21st century which has seen tremendous changes involving a pre-dominance of womanpower the male has taken a back seat and given each priority to the women. She no longer has pull out her hand in order to get money from the brad earner of the family. She is a personification of a powerful woman. Having acclaimed power and dominance in a male dominated society she feels unquestionable towards any step taken by her. Since she is a strong monetary wise she feels the right to take decisions on her own way. Gone are the days when issues as tiny as buying a house hold product was taken by the man of the house. Now it is the woman who voices her opinions about everything; be it kids, finance, insurance policies, investments vacationing. The man in the house is the one who seems neglected and uncared for. He feels like a piece of furniture in the house. His choices do not matter and one fine day he decides to revolt. Things are now under the control of the woman and she cannot take the idea of role reversal. Since she is not ready to back out she believes in stepping down and finally clears off the situation like muck out of food. This disagreement turns to Divorce. The end result is sad and degradable. The kids who are the proof of love are neglected and taken a back seat. They are torn apart with the decision of the parents to separate. Siblings go under mental torture since they would have to live with either of the parents. However things are later streamlined with new family names like step mother, step father or step siblings. The children who are very conservative towards accepting any one new in their household soon develop the habit of accepting extended families. The children who are not given priorities end up feeling neglected and shattered which later on leads them to drug abuse. They become social misfit and feel wronged. The feeling of oneness which one gets in a family is soon shattered with the onset of new relationships and the end of old ones.

The solution
Since financial dependence has become a part of every toehold due to rising expenditure, the woman is all the more stressed out due to work and house responsibilities. With multitasking there is a burnout she feels due to long hours of work beginning from mornings to night. She provides bread and butter to the house literally. In an attempt to make everything run smoothly, she chooses to balance both her career and home. But the man of the house is unable to understand. She is thwarted with the same domestic pressure she had prior or working outside her home. She still has to cater to the kids, the maid, groceries, cooking, washing. With no support from the male counterpart it is uneasy and torturous for the wife. She feels ready to break down or fight for rights, the latter wins since she feels financially secure. The husband should be aware of the fact that his wife is over burdened with work. He should be more cooperative and understanding while giving his hand in helping her out. Even the kids should pitch in while helping out small household chores like dusting, setting the table, cleaning their room and studying. Since the house runs by complete harmony between all the members of the family every member should understand their duty and do their work the best. This would help in easing the burden off the wife’s shoulders.

Since time memorial man has always put his step on every issue. He believes himself to be the king of everything. In order to gain power he goes at lengths to have his hold. He forgets that besides being the man of the house he is an integral part of the household. If the pillars are weak, how will the building rest on it? The foundation is the father who with his sensible decisions can attain love and trust from his family members. Hi one wrong move is easy enough to bring down a house. He must be careful with his course of conduct and his thinking. Harsh and brutal husbands become even worse fathers and cannot win the love and warmth from their wife and kids. In order to attain harmony and peace, the wife quietly succumbs to all his treacherous ways. This can lead to further enhancement of his brutal torments.

It is certainly not right on the part of the wife to succumb to this demeanor. She should talk over the matter to her husband and win over his love and affection. If things do not get right she should be strict with her course of conduct. Even aid from parents or relatives is also beneficial in this matter since people closer to them are more understanding. No physical intimacy should be showered on the husband from the wife. She should remain quiet yet not be ready to take any more trash from him. This would ensure domestic harmony too. Marriages are said to be made in heaven. There must have been some reason for two people to come closer to start a new life. Simply ruining this by quarrelling over mindless issues and being stubborn at both ends will make matters only worse. Understanding is the key word to a growing relationship at any level. It is dependent on us how we carry forward this relationship.

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