Entrepreneurs – Money – Law Schools

Entrepreneurs , money and law schools have a great connection in today’s fast track technology oriented liberalised economic system in which we all live .
It is a game of mind .
Every thing in the Universe – COSMOS is a game of  mind .
Lawyers , law schools have a great role in today’s life .
The rulers who created the Democracy and freedom of speech actually gave every human being the power to protect himself .

Constitutions were established for Governance leaving aside few global elite – illuminati like England . England is a country which does not have a constitution.
The law schools created by the rulers of the World and then the lawyers created by these law schools have played a big role in human lives . The constitutions of the countries were also written with the help of lawyers – the legal illuminairies .
People have a right to challenge any thing in the courts of law .
They can even challenge the Governments .
Since the advent of democracies and the freedom to speech the law schools and the lawyers have been mushrooming .
England and America have some of the greatest law schools in the world .
With liberalisation of financial industrial global economies the need for lawyers have unprecedentedly increased .
Law has become a great and highly paid profession spinning money for the lawyers and their firms world over . Money however is the essence  for any profession or business .
Money is the medium for all political , business and other transactions in the World .
Entrepreneurs are taking up very large projects across the World every day .
Cross border businesses involve huge sums of money and require large numbers of lawyers to put in place the various agreements involved .
Since the last few years India has seen a large number of Law schools come up.
This is great because there is a huge popoulation of 1B PLUS in this sub-continent .
Long live the democracy .
People run the law schools which create lawyers .
Only thing is that lawyers should be capable of protecting the credibility of their
profession by protecting the people and their rights irrespective of the money they get in lieu of their services .
The aspiring lawyers also have a great responsibility towards the World and should therefore choose their law schools carefully .
Some of the law schools like Yale , Columbia , Cambridge are world famous .
Every body can not access these .
However every country has some great law schools which are the institutions of great value and reputation .
The society must realise the role of the lawyers like others in building a great responsible nation thus creating a responsible World of Governance .
They are very important people for contributing to the dispensation of Justice globally .
The entrepreneurs , law schools , political world , financial , business world and all other people from all the professions must unite together to create a law abiding peaceful society for a new World order full of affluence and abundance for every one .

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