Every Women’s Right to end Unhealthy Relationship

Every woman has the right to define and give meaning to relationships. She can find solace in her husband, boyfriend, employer, employee or partner.

It is she who has to maintain a dignity of the relationship and the strength lies in her hands. However, when a relationship gets out of the hand and starts bothering her life she has the right to end it and make her life satisfactory .She need not spend endless sleepless nights thinking about the accused lover who has somehow managed to ditch her. The following strategies help a woman to finally figure about her relationship and make her stronger to evolve out of it.

  • Be true to yourself: The most difficult yet the most important thing in a relationship is honesty. Apart from being honest to your partner it is important to be honest to yourself. Your every communication with your partner is very important. Your feelings, reactions, moments, expressions each count when you are having a difficult time with him. In the long run it would benefit you, as you would be able to decide where is your relation taking you. You can even start having a log book and compare the attitudes or reactions from your partner.

  • Judge his character and not looks: Every relationship is determined by the amount of compatibility shared between two people. Looks take a back seat and in the foreground comes his character. Is he really compatible or just pretending to be? Is he warm or cold, extrovert or introvert, passive or active, distant or intimate? These questions should be answered gradually by observing him in the long run. It is advisable not to rush things and have a close observance.

  • Analyze your relationship: It is more important to understand the type of relationship you both share. Is it forced one or are you one of those who are caught in the repetitive cycle of give and take and end up losing everything. Then it is time to call it quits. Simply giving from one partner’s side often leads to an isolated feeling and the other person takes things for granted.

  • Observe your emotional needs: Besides physical desires and sexual appetite, a person craves for emotional relationship. The relationship shared should be based on grounds of intimacy, romance, love, mutual understanding, and each should voice their opinions. If there is only one person expressing the desire and the other is submissive then the relationship is definitely not a successful one.

  • Identify the need to break off: Quite often we tend to hurry and take decisions in a haze forgetting everything. What was a priority now becomes a burden. What seemed important is no longer thoughtful. A person’s priority levels decline when he starts visualizing things differently. Often the person within you starts disconnecting with you and you tend to feel hazy everywhere. Often fears like loneliness, incompleteness, insecurity, and guilt tend to make you withdrawn towards your inner self. Once having liberated yourself from the complexities will give you a clearer picture of life and make you ready for action.

  • Have a closer bonding with your peers: Closer boding amongst same gender friends seem to help a lot in the future as friends are more reliable and give a positive unbiased suggestion. Involving yourself amongst friends would give you a chance to have some breathing space from your partner and would help you to decide weather you are game to continue the relationship.

  • Respect your self: Many a times women tend to give more importance to their counterparts and forget to respect their identity. They get so much involved in him that they forget who they really are. Their goals are often focused on them and life seems incomplete without them. Your life involves around your feeling and attitude. Thus you are a true persona regarding your nature and perspective attitude. This should never be forgotten. Your individuality lies in your way of seeing, hearing or exploring things. Seeing things from others view would mean cheating on yourself. Being attached to others in an addictive way would mean that you have a fragmented or distorted self-image. Being disattached would mean that you are a complete solid person.

  • Focus your attention on others also: Simply having a partner around you does not mean that you forget your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues etc. Your appreciation and gratification should also be bestowed on others. You should not forget that before he came into your life you were associated with others and nurtured love for others. The same should be brought back.

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