Examination Blues

Before proceeding on the topic, let us analyze the one word that examination is linked with.

The very word sends shivers down our spine and sends signals of nervousness and chaos in our minds. But, have we ever pondered over this dreadful phenomenon, which seems to engulf our peace of mind. Let us take a deep insight about the real picture and it’s characteristics. Stress is the body’s normal response to a challenge, threat or excitement. The consequence of stress depends largely on how you interpret the physical symptoms. it can help motivate you or it can paralyze you — the decision is yours! Stress can be a barrier to optimal performance or a motivating agent ? it all depends on how you interpret, label and manage what you are experiencing. The trick is to figure out what level of stress is motivating for you and what amount is paralyzing and then work to keep it in the motivating zone. In the global world of competition that we are surrounded with, this seemingly ecstatic pleasurable and somewhat necessary enduring pain of strain has gobbled up our students of today and leaders of tomorrow. Their examinations, which are in the process currently, are like a pain in the neck causing endless sleeps for their parents as well. This fatigue causes negative results thereby leading to dissatisfaction and later on depression. Timely consultations lead to an end to their worries and ensure promising results.To believe in the sincere fact that exams are a medium to test our aptitude and not to scare our wits, simple measures should be taken to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

General Exam Stress-Busting Tips for students can be observed as follows:
Believe in yourself. You wouldn’t have been given a place on the course if you didn’t have the ability to do it. Therefore, if you prepare for the exams properly you should do fine, meaning that there is no need to worry excessively. Don’t try to be perfect. It’s great to succeed and reach for the stars. But keep things in balance. If you think that “anything less than A+ means I’ve failed” then you are creating mountains of unnecessary stress for yourself. Aim to do your best but recognize that none of us can be perfect all of the time. Take steps to overcome problems. If you find you don’t understand some of your course material, getting stressed out won’t help. Instead, take action to address the problem directly by seeing your course tutor or getting helps from your classmates.

Don’t keep things bottled up. Confiding in someone you trust and who will be supportive is a great way of alleviating stress and worry. Keep things in perspective. The exams might seem like the most crucial thing right now, but in the grander scheme of your whole life they are only a small part. Having done a considerable amount of learning, the second most important step is to revise. Counting on these steps would ensure that you recollect all that you learnt.

Tips for the revision period:

Leave plenty of time to revise so that you don’t get into a situation of having to do last minute cramming. This approach will help to boost your confidence and reduce any pre-exam stress, as you know you have prepared well. Develop a timetable so that you can track and monitor your progress. Make sure you allow time for fun and relaxation so that you avoid burning out. As soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration, take a short break. You will then come back to your revision refreshed. Experiment with several alternative revision techniques so that revision is more fun and your motivation to study is high. Don’t drink too much coffee, tea and fizzy drinks; the caffeine will ‘hype’ you and make your thinking less clear. Eat healthily and regularly; your brain will benefit from the nutrients. Regular moderate exercise will boost your energy, clear your mind and reduce any feelings of stress. Try out some yoga, tai chi or relaxation techniques. They will help to keep you feeling calm and balanced, improve your concentration levels and help you to sleep better.

Before you go for any exam, the most important part is to organize yourself. By following these guidelines, your success is only a step away:
Sort out your topics for revision. Solve Question papers and model papers to have a grasp over the methodology of questions.
Pay attention over diet, sleep, recreation that assist in control over mind and body.
Use your time sensibility. If a persisting problem is eating your head simply diver your attention on something which captivates you.

Follow the traditional PQRST method:

P: Preview: Skim the material to get an overall preview.
Q: Questions: Formulate questions that highlight what you aim to derive from your reading.
R: Read actively: Make appropriate notes of key ideas.
S: Summarize: Identify the main points using lists, key words, flow diagrams, flash cards etc.
T: Test: Test yourself by reciting & reviewing. Summarize immediately then after and re-learn after intervals.
Well, finally the D-day is just around the corner and to ensure that you pen down each and every thing you learnt, here are some tips to outscore the exam phobia:
Tips for the exam itself:

Avoid panic:
It’s natural to feel some exam nerves prior to starting the exam, but getting excessively nervous is counterproductive as you will not be able to think as clearly. The quickest and most effective way of eliminating feelings of stress and panic is to close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breaths. Breathing in this way calms your whole nervous system. Simultaneously you could give yourself some mental pep talk by mentally repeating “I am calm and relaxed” or “I know I will do fine”.

If your mind goes blank, don’t panic! Panicking will just make it harder to recall information. Instead, focus on slow, deep breathing for about one minute. If you still can’t remember the information then move on to another question and return to this question later. After the exam doesn’t spend endless time criticizing yourself for where you think you went wrong. Often our own self-assessment is far too harsh. Congratulate yourself for the things you did right, learn from the bits where you know you could have done better, and then move on. In the cutthroat competition that we have today, students are thwarted with pressures of IIT JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, and Engineering and cling to coaching for accomplishing their goals. A genuine and sincere effort from dedicated teachers of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics who are not just educators but coaches would imbibe in you the zest to learn and grow. They would help you in focusing on the grueling competitions of science and technology with strong emphasis on comprehension also. As hardcore professionals, they take the pledge of transforming a blank canvass into a complete picture with colors of perfection and harmony and framing it appropriately. Our maestros or artists who would be painting your career are extremely hardworking and dedicated professionals striving for perfection. Their details as per their expertise are mentioned below:

Anuj Khare – Anuj , a peak performance coach was AIR 39 in IITJEE 1996. He has done B.Tech (CS), IIT Delhi and MS (CS), TAMU, USA. A significant asset to our team, he plays the role of a real life coach and takes the motivational sessions. His sessions are of particular significance as they deal directly with stress management and motivation. His sessions are important as they imbibe a zest for life; because a journey started without knowing the path is a useless one and he as the motivational guru surpasses all your doubts and transforms them into challenges. A single session with him brings about a phenomenal change in the outlook.

Praveen Tyagi – Praveen is our Director and the engine fuelled with grit and determination. A go-getter in life; he believes in his ideas, which are mounted on creativity and hard work. Complete faith in his concepts, he has vowed to carve a niche in the sphere of education by bringing ideas that are a cut above the rest. By introducing Quest to students, he has brought forth the concept of achievement and excellence though stimulating coaching from world-class educators. He has mastered in B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and MS (CS) from USA.

Prasoon Kumar – Prasoon is the All India Rank 1 (AIR 1) in IITJEE in 1993.An enthusiastic communicator who uses his words as his tools to sculpt your future by providing you with a guiding light. It is our great honor to have him on our board. We are probably the only educational setup in the world to have an AIR 1 as part of the team. He has excelled in B.Tech(CS) from IIT Kanpur. With a dedicated and structure team like ours, those deadly BHU, BITS, Pilani examinations hovering over you would no longer cause you sleepless nights. Accentuating the list is our added advantage which is the 24-hour help line number available for your assistance at any moment.

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