Free Virtual World

There is a magical world out there which you cannot visit but whose wonders are for all to enjoy. This wondrous world is invisible and virtual yet it has made the most visible impact on our lives.

In a time where there is no such thing as “free lunch”, here is a world that offers nothing less than the seven course elaborate meal and that too for free. Yes, we are talking about the virtual world of internet.The fastest express highway of communication that has connected the world like never before.Internet is the second most influential invention in history after electricity. Coming to think of it, it has created a whole new world within a world. This has had tremendous social, cultural, educational and economical ramifications. It is a giant leap in terms of information and technological resource. It is simply startling that any conceivable database is available to you at the touch of your finger and typing of a word. Call it the prowess of man’s potential.In layman’s language, internet is an international network that connects large number of computer networks around the world. It offers access to data, graphics, sound, software, and text through numerous services and tools for data exchange. But most dynamic is the contact with innumerable people enabled by latest communication techniques over the internet. The US Dept. of Defense in 1969 created internet under the name of ARPA net for two purposes :

to share research between the military, industry and university sources
to sustain communication in the case of nuclear war.

The concept and functioning of internet may form a small part of any encyclopedia but an entire encyclopedia is stored over the internet accessible to you at the click of the mouse. Google which is the most popular search engine over the internet lists about 5,440,000,000 free websites at our disposal, Yahoo displays 2,390,000,000 sites and MSN shows 1,356,519,675 websites. It is an ocean of information, the more we dive into it, and the more aware we come out. In this world that needs value for every bit of its money, the knowledge and wonders of the internet are absolutely free. Electronic mail has been a big blow at the revenues of the postal department with maximum interaction among people taking place through this miracle technology. There are free e-greetings that can be sent across countries to our loved ones within no time. Internet is the right place for anybody belonging to any profession with the desire to open new vistas for him. There is an opportunity, related to your hobby, profession or business, lurking at you ready to be grabbed and further your dreams. There are free e-zines, bulletins, forums, etc to exchange information and ideas on any possible topic and interest. The world has shrunk into one scintillating town with unimaginable interaction among people across countries and continents. Internet has become one of the preferred choices to advertise people’s businesses, products and services. Now surf, search and shop from the comfort of your home. The facility is uncharged. All the world’s news and database is right there in front of you. Whether you are looking for an old classmate or the newest product, its all there on the search engines of the internet.

However, the ways of the world are not so simple and charitable. The seemingly free and uncharged internet has its own source to generate revenue for the owners of the websites. The websites, biggest revenue source is advertising of products, services and other linked websites. Further, the websites are luring and interesting for the internet users to surf. This initial interest soon becomes a necessity. Most of the services offered by websites are certainly free but there are certain premium facilities or offers eligible only for the members of the websites and this membership is paid. By this time the internet user is so hooked on to the virtual world that he does not mind shelling out money for its use. The free services are also kind of pre sell gimmick for expanding sales of products by manufacturers.

But the internet is not confined to matters of the physical, mental or material aspect alone. It has a substantial contribution at reviving the spirituality within us. There are free websites dedicated to demystify the secrets of life and Self. There are various techniques, therapies and articles over the internet to guide and inspire us towards understanding and balancing our lives by controlling the agitated state of mind which is the by-product of our jet paced lifestyle. These facilities come free of cost but you have to be willing to spend just a little time for your personal well being.

Another message that comes across through this non-chargeable world is that, that the positive energy in the universe is also inexhaustible and absolutely free. It just takes our readiness to attract it in our lives. With the slightest effort of working towards receiving positive vibes, the whole universe conspires to help us achieve it just like the search engines of the internet.

We feel exhilarated talking about the wonders of the virtual world but turn oblivion to the fact that our real world has much more to offer in terms of fascination and marvel. After all, the virtual world is only a part of the real world and not the whole. More so the creator of this virtual world is none other but we i.e. man. This shows that man has the ability to be and to live exactly the way he desires to. Man’s existence and growth is at the pinnacle of the universal creation and his ability to further create anything out of nothingness is the ultimate reality.

We astonish at the infinite amount of data stored over the internet and its unimaginable speed to provide answers to any possible topic under the sun. But we fail to realize that such extraordinary and limitless knowledge is also stored within us. The profound author Neale Donald Walsch believes that God embedded all knowledge in our memory but He wanted us to unfold this fact on our own and retrieve the knowledge to solve all mysteries of body, mind and soul.

If we determinedly seek to find answers to the dilemmas of right and wrong in our practical life, the solutions will spring from within us or may be some external source may guide us to look within. The whole of the material world including the virtual world has been man’s creation and imagination. Hence it concludes that we retrieve and acquire knowledge from within our self just the way we do with the internet.

The wonders of the internet are largely free and its usefulness is immense and wide. The way we work, study, interact, communicate and entertain has changed drastically. It is incredibly easier, cheaper, faster and most awe inspiring. Just ponder if we could create this amazing virtual world that could influence our lives so substantially, how splendid our real world could become if our free of cost positive knowledge could be applied to the actual living. The world is not enough and so is the capacity of man and his flight of imagination. When imagination and information combine, wonders are sure to happen. Let the splendor of your mind, body and soul seep into your senses and experience uninterrupted bliss in the virtual and real world because they are both our proprietary.

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