Google Hearty Congratulations

Google online payment service
On June 29, 2006 Google launched its venture into the world online payment processing with Google Checkout.

This is being considered to be a rival to the payment giant PayPal which was acquired by eBay. This service currently will be available to U.S. residents only. Google’s service is to similar to PayPal. There are 2 types of Google Checkout account, Buyer and Seller. A Seller account only receive payments through the service, a Buyer account make payments only. This is linked very closely with the Google Adwords service – advertiments selling products and services can display shopping cart icon – indicating that the advertiser accepts Google Checkout as a processor of payment.

The selling rates are closely linked with the Google AdWords service. Online payment processors generally charge a percentage per transaction, but Google Checkout credits with certain amount of “free transactions” when purchasing Google AdWords .For every US $1 spent on AdWords, US $10 in sales will be processed at no charge or a rate of 2% plus US $0.20 if the Seller is not a subscriber to Google Adwords service . There are no charges for the Buyers’ Accounts.Presently, Google Checkout accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover Credit Cards for buyers’ and seller’s accounts. There is also an offer of a special deal Citicard credit card members.US $5 or 1000 Points for signing up the service . Google announced its’ intentions to make this service available to international merchants shortly in the future.

Goggle is a great service and a great company .What they say they mean as they are a very committed lot people managing it.
Ebay surely is wondering with the new competition for Paypal which presently leads this service. By goggle joinig this are of service there is definitely going to be a shift of market shares. The ebay buyers and sellers use Paypal . However the big Daddy Google also leads Adwords and has a huge number of advertisers who will very fondly avail this service. Google should immediately expand this service for international merchants and buyers who are Google’s dedicated fans .How ever this service is also going to create board room talks at MSN, YAHOO, AOL And Other Leading Players in the SEARCH ENGINE business. We wish Google great success and advise them to keep innovating and keep serving the world. Google has helped dilute world’s wealth and provided millions the opportunity to use it’s Adsense and start a home business. This has helped bring very high quality of content to the world wide web. Keep watching more from Larry Page AND Sergy Brin the founders of Google.Don’t forget that the marketing military warfare has begun and expect more from Yahoo and Msn and other Search Engine Daddys’ also Good for the World of Global Village these great guys have helped create with their innovative ways and enterpreneurship.


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