Happennings OR Oops!!?

This is a funny note on one of the most powerfully and commonly rotated and circulated word in any spiritual field ‘HAPPENINGS’. Enjoy!!

‘A’ decides to present a topic to an audience.
‘A’ decides on the topic of ‘HAPPENING’ to be presented.
‘A’ Selects the audience to which it be presented.
‘A’ Wears a writing gear to commence preparing the presentation.
‘A’ Occupies the position to commence the presentation preparation.
‘A’ Checks the table, all ready.
‘A’ Opens the page to begin writing.
Oops!! The pen does not ink!
Gets up, fills the ink in the pen and moves around for a while casually. Again, occupies the position to write.
‘A’ Begins to write. Puts up a lot of pressure on the pen and the nib breaks.

‘A’ Again gets up. Goes to the market. Roams around for the nib. Buys, fits and turns back only to realize that there is not much ink left. Turns around, back to the market and buys ink also.
‘A’ Now smiles. All prepared now. Occupies the position. And begins writing the presentation. After a while feels an urge to have coffee. In the process spills coffee on the paper. All writing washed out.

‘A’ Again decides to write fresh. And writes again. It now is evening. Still writing. The light goes ? Brown Out! Have to stop.

‘A’ Takes a stroll now in the open. Tired and exhausted now. Time to sleep. Gets up in the morning with a fresh resolve to commence from where left. Reaches the table.

No paper there. The window was kept open. Wind blew the paper away.
Thus the pattern continued for many days.
Now A sits to make a decision:
a) to accept all the sequence as ‘HAPPENING’ and drop the idea of making a presentation.
b) to go ahead and complete the presentation in
i) a single session
ii) many sessions
c) to start inquiring around to any available other if they know what is this that is termed as a ‘HAPPENING’.


This world is funny!!

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