Happiness-Your own Creation

We sometimes tend to change things the way we are. We lead ourselves to unhappy situations of life and land up in a series of problems.

This leads us to be unhappy and unsatisfied. We try changing the world according to our own wishes and land up in problems. We feel miserable of what we have got and sulk till we get what we from this life.

A few tips to handle life accordingly can bring a vast difference to the way we want to live:

    Let go: We somehow have this tendency of wanting things that are not in our control. We grab things that are beyond our reach. In the greed of something unimaginable we forget things that we already have. Just let go of anything that is causing a burden on you. Accepting anything that comes in for you should be accepted as a gift from God.

    Change your Attitude: You do not any control over the world. Anything is accepted to happen anytime. The only thing you have control of is you. So be unaffected by anything happening wrong and you will be climbing the ladder of happiness.

    Belief in yourself: An inhibited control over yourself is enough to bring the power of control over your life. Whatever happens, a positive approach in life and a good attitude helps in the long run. A self doubt approach hinders self growth and brings negativity in your outlook. Change yourself if you want the world to change to you.

    Observe situation as challenges and not obstacles: Any work you pick up will have some obstacle. Cutting through it and emerging helps you in finding you a new path and boosting your morale. A person always learns through his mistakes and eventually becomes more sensible and mature. Had it not been any difficulty he would not have become stronger.

    Believe in the Almighty: God has created a layout; a plan for each one of us. It is our ignorant behavior to take the path opposite of it. We must follow our consciousness because God has given everyone a different reason to live and to be happy. Going in the direction opposite is like opposing a tide’s natural flow and trying hard to rich the other end of the shore.

    Have an Aim to live: We must not forget that we all have different aims to live. From different occupations to different way of living, each one of us is unique in our own special way. Having a goal and striving hard to live for it makes us achieve more and this can create a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Finding a reason to live heightens the spirit of joy in each one of us.

    Count your blessing: Each of us are gifted and blessed by the almighty in some or the other ways. Someone may be very good in looks, while some may be brainy and sharp. We all have reasons to thank God for letting us enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy every action. In the pursuit of getting something better we forget what we have right now. Let us move from it and be blessed and love things that we can do now like getting a hug form your child, driving on a smooth road, eating a grand dinner. Who knows we might not get the later.

    Reasons are uncountable. The aim is the same. Don’t Worry, Be happy and live life King-size!!

Author: admin