Hari Om Vibrations

Hari Om Vibrations / Organ Meditation


How it prevents as well as drains out cholesterol and other fatty depositions inside and outside of the arteries?

Process of hari om vibrations/organ meditation

When we wish to control and concentrate mind at any object or any organ of the body, it agitates as it does not wish to be shackled or restrained. This agitation leads to anger thereby to shivering and trembling producing vibrations that shatter these deposits inside the arteries as well as from the outer layers thereof.

Five minutes of OM. practice in the morning and evening makes any further deposits a thing of the past. It is all scientific. If we put any flexible lead carrying semisolid liquid, to vibrations, the carry away flow increases and sticking becomes impossible. The same happens with the arteries.

  • How Hari Om / OM: helps in lowering over weight and decreasing obesity Similarly the production of vibrations through agitation of organ meditation and vibrations of Hari Om prevent any further deposits of fat if you become a little careful about consumption of calories.

  • How Hari Om / OM: helps in maintaining the right blood pressure

As we know that any kind of vibrations on the circulatory system increases the flow of the material being circulated but with the human body, the end receptors of the flowing material are cells which get stimulated, activated and influxed by these vibrations. This increases their receptive capacity which in turn relaxes the heart muscles.

  • How Hari Om / OM: helps reduction in smoking

Smoking is restored to when we need any kind of external stimulation. It may be a cup of tea, coffee, liquor or any other intoxicating agent present in the item of consumption which may tend to stimulate and boost one up. Their effect lasts only for sometime which creates a situation for further demand and craving, leading to the side effects of addiction and excessive consumption of intoxicants.

Hari Om / organ mediation is a natural stimulant and without any side effects? If you are already addicted to any intoxicant, sit for Hari Om Vibrations / Organ Meditation for five minutes, 4 times a day at any time, you will overcome that addiction replacing it for relaxation, inner joy and ecstasy.

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