Health Hazards in a BPO Call Center

Mind Body Soul Erosion Of 24/7 Genext
With the advent of technology, the new boom in the current scenario is Call Center and BPO business which is rapidly mushrooming in every part of the country. The boom has been fuelled by 24/7 society allowing us to access the telephone and banks at every hour of the day.

It has been estimated that about 650,000 people are working in call centers and BPO in INDIA alone and the number is ever increasing with the new facilities being created by the MNC’S for outsourcing their business processing and knowledge processing activities. With promising facilities like 7 star environment and ambience, a fat pay package and incentives, bonuses and ad-on like free meals and pick and Drop, the industry seems to attract people in millions. With the lure of money, they swarm like bees towards the beehive of an unhealthy environment not knowing that it is eroding their Mind Body N Soul.

The environment consisting of Cubicles, Fresh Air, Endless Cups of Coffee, off Duty drinking bouts among young boys and girls who are virtually yet teens out of schools and colleges all sum up for long term health problems. The youth of today are most impressed ones. The demands of being rich and affluent at a very young age make many of them to detour from their normal course of study and move towards work in IT and BPO companies. They merely do it either for the kicks or to earn extra money in flexi hours.  Their performance is affected due to their sleep irregularity. Their alertness is hindered making them less efficient. Least are they aware that this is nothing but the clutches of misery and ill- health which will rear its ugly head on them very soon.
The cons of working in call-centers and BPO’S are plenty.

To name a few they are as such:
1.Insufficient breaks
2.High levels of stress due to extreme pressure.
3.Extreme monitoring of work
4.Inadequate toilet breaks.
5. Disturbed sleep due to wrong working hours.
6.Loss of appetite
7.Loss of hair
8.Hearing problems
9.Digestion problems leading to bloating and gas.
10.Work is acutely monitored.
11.Telephone conversations are recorded giving them no privacy.
12.Pre-mature aging
13.Inability to socialize with family and relations.
14.Tendency to become irresistible
16.Coronary malfunctions, high blood pressure
17.Irrelevant sexual exposures at the work force.
18.Getting into smoking habits for the sake of kicks
19.Survical to lumber spinal problems due to bad postures
20.Psycological disorders
21.Short tempered ness at home
22.In certain cases unwanted pregnancies
23.Degradation of moral and social values

The list is endless. However, to combat these problems health should be the prime concern to eradicate the ill-effects of working in call centers and BPO centers. People generally tend to take their health for granted and rush to the doctor to get immediate results when blown away by disastrous and dreaded diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, spondilytis etc.
Some general measures taken for preventing problems related to heath are:
1.Drink a lot of water.
2.Take small breaks off from the computer and the phone.
3. Must practice some Stretching exercises at frequent intervals.
Besides these, another cure for problems in call centers and BPO centers is Yoga. The word is small but it contains innumerable benefits.

Yoga has been derived from the word, YOG which means Union of Mind, body and Soul. The basic aim of Yoga is uniting ‘Atma’or soul with ‘Parmatma’ or God. To attain union with eternal self, we need to practice certain mental and physical exercises. Simply incorporating Yoga in your daily routine for half an hour is enough to keep diseases at bay. It is believed that 20 minutes of Yoga daily is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. The important factor is regularity.
The benefits of Yoga are endless. They are as follows:
1.Effective Asanas and postures would relax every muscle and improve elasticity and flexibility.
2.It enhances relaxation and induces sleep making the body to relax.
3.Appetite is regularized.
4.It imparts a glow on the face.

5.It reduces physical, mental and emotional tension.
It increases overall energy.
7.It strengthens the immune system.

It improves digestion and regularizes the bowel movements.

There are a few steps to achieve salvation or peace through Yoga. They are:
1.Pranayam or exercises involving awareness of breath.
2.Yogasanas or postures in Yoga.
3.Dharana or mindful living.
4. Dhyana or concentration or meditation.
5.Samadhi or ultimate relaxation.

Let us study them in detail
1. Pranayam:
Prana or life force energy is every where around us. Pranayam is all about controlling life force energy around us. Most of us breathe incorrectly and it leads to inability to handle pressures which further plays havoc to health. Since breath is very essential for us to live, the practice of Pranayam helps in harnessing the Prana around us and by deepening and expanding it, inner peace is achieved. It also enables to release tension and improve concentration. By forceful breathing, the lung capacity expands, making the body more alert. It also boosts the metabolic activity and immune system. Pranayams can be classified under the following categories which aim at overall conditioning of the body

2. Sitali Pranayam: This calms the mind while giving it a cooling effect. Inhale the air deeply while keeping your tongue rolled. Now exhale.

3. Sahita Kumbhaka: This allows the retension of the breathe. It helps in quitening the mind giving flexibility and elasticity to the body.

4. Anulom Vilom: This involves breathing through the right nose while closing the left. Now exhale through the left nose keeping the right nose closed. This is also called Alternative breathing. It promotes good digestion and calms the mind. It also induces sleep.

5. Brahmi Pranayam; This is highly beneficial for quitening the mind and improving concentration. Inhale through the nose and, close your ears with your thumb. Now exhale while making the sound of bumble bee. The sound resonates the mind and body empowering every single cell. It helps to quiten the mind and improve concentration.

6. Ujjjai Pranayam: It is very beneficial for improving digestion while removing impurities and toxins in the mind and body. Inhale while stressing on the throat and making a sound. Breathe out normaly.

Yogaasanas: They are devised in such a manner to erase tension from the body through several postures making the mind and body well balanced. It also improves flexibility and allows flow of Prana or vital energy. It helps in remaining focused on activities. Asanas syncronize the body, mind and soul. Once when the learner is very comfortable with Asana he gains endurance, will power and concentration. While performing the Asanas, it is important to relax the mind to give proper justice to the Asanas. They are several poses in Yogasana.

Standing Pose: This is the beginning stage of Asanas as they help in building elasticity to the joints and help in building stamina and physical stability.

Sitting Pose: Such poses make the spine muscles very strong. Due to daily wear and tear of the muscles, they tend to lose their flexibility. These poses help in accumulating flexibility.

Inverted Postures: They help in giving oxygen and blood to the brain cells and help in recovering from stress. They give mental balance and emotional stability.

Twisting Asana: As the name suggests the spine is twisted and turned in this Asana. It helps in toning the internal organs and tranquilizing the mind.

Balancing Postures: These strengthen the arms and wrists and improve balance in the body.
We all work for a living. But to live do we have to compromise on health? We have only one life. Let us live it to the fullest by practicing these simple yet effective practices and bid adieu to disease and ill health. So wake up and practice Yoga to live better.
Last of all laugh and laugh as much as you can and at time you can even if you are alone laugh and laugh. It keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise, It rejuvenates the Mind Body N Soul
Go ahead and start your laughter.

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