Human Beings Live in Illusion

Human Beings live in illusion- illusion of hope, future and tomorrow. Man cannot lead life with the reality – he needs dreams, he needs illusion, he needs to exist. Very deep understanding should be there without which entry into the inquiry is not possible which is called YOGA .

One should understand mind properly and deeply. Dreams do not comes at Night only but you can dream while awake with open eyes too. Mind keeps on creating images and dreams.

Mind goes on moving Day and Night as an inner rhythm.

Present is almost a hell. You can prolong this hell only by the hope, which we projected for the future. You can live present because of tomorrow. You are leading your life that some paradise/heaven doors are going to open tomorrow. But tomorrow comes as today so again it carries on for the next day and tomorrow never comes in life. When it do not fulfills next day then mind start moving ahead- that is what dreaming means.

You can be in the past or future, again it is dreaming-memories.
Future is nothing but the past projected again- more colorful. More pleasant, but it is the past refined.
You always keep on thinking about past or future, no one lives in present you all are missing the taste of present.

Yoga is a way to come to a non-dreaming mind. Yoga is a science of to be in present, after learning yoga mind do not get frustrated. It simply closes your eyes and intoxicates you.
Your mind is a drug.

Yoga means: “no hope, no future, no desires. I am not interested! I am interested only in that which is”. Only reality can become liberate.

Yoga is not a religion, yoga is not a Hindu, not Mohammedan. Yoga is a pure science just like mathematics, physics or chemistry, physics is not a Christian. Physics is not Buddhist . but remains as a science.
It is only discovered by the Hindus.
Mohammedan can be a yogi, a Christian can be a yogi, a Jainism a Buddhist can be a yogi.

Patanjali is a greatest name as far as the world of yoga is concerned. There is no other name comparable to patanjali. Religions need beliefs. A Mohammedan has certain beliefs, a Hindu certain other, and a Christian certain others.

Yoga doesn’t say to believe in anything. Yoga says “experience”. Science says experiment. Experiment and experience are both the same; Experiments are done outdoor but experiences can be done indoor too. Experience is an inner Experiment.

You can believe in God. You can believe in the concept of No-God. Science means to experience some thing. No belief is required, no faith is needed – only courage to experience and that’s what is lacking. You can believe easily, belief is added to you. Beliefs are like clothes. Dissect a Hindu, dissect a Mohammedan. inside it’s the same.

Hindu prays to the temple but Mohammedan dislikes temples. Mohammedan goes to the mosque but Hindu dislikes mosques. Hindu and Mohammedans both are human beings after that they do so.

Yoga is not a belief, that’s why it is difficult. You’ll come to the truth by your own experiences. You will be completely changed. Yoga is death and a new life. You have to die without die you cannot make a new life. After death only new births are there.

Yoga is not a philosophy and not a religion. It is not really deep into the roots. You can think logically, but your heart remains the same, heart is the deepest center.
Law of how to die and how to re-born. That is why we call it a science.

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