Journey of the Awakened Soul

Life in its given embodiment is the vehicle through which the soul undertakes a journey of fulfilling the registration of all the needed experiences necessary for its own evolution or self-realization taking itself in to merge itself with the single universal soul.

The purpose of the embody in any given life cycle is to pave the way with needed cooperation that comes through respect, trust, care, affection and love; so as to enable the soul move it on its purpose that is universal for each and everybody.

It is this final journey that subjects one to deeply experience from the core the functioning patterns of the body, mind and soul – all of which are journeying along together. It is this journey that subjects one to deeply experience the existence of the real that is illusionary and the true that beyond belief and understanding. It is the truth that provides the empowerment enabling this level of understanding dawn in to self-knowledge. This is field of emanations from the absolute love. It is the truth that provides with the empowerment of the strength that be needed to sustain oneself in the real existence through which the movement happens so as to transcend this very existence in the field of time that calls in for the highest level of patience and endurance, time to time.

To summarize in brief what has been said above, every body is moving to evolve itself on all levels of functioning and existence. This, be what may be the chosen path by the said so body in due harmony with the mind, it is actually moving and functioning in the direction so to fulfill the objective of the soul. The objective of the soul is very simple and that is to lead the body and mind to attain the state of ‘mukti or liberation’, ‘moksha or salvation’ and ‘nirvana or unification’.

All of it is be simply said and can easily be understood. First and foremost, the needed levels of energy have to there for this to be actually being in effect. And in fact, even the availability of this energy is not sufficient. All of this understanding is of no use because this understanding is useless unless the true registrations be there. (Had it been so, with so many deeply spiritual books having been already written like the Gita, the Lotus Sutra, Vedas, Bible, Koran, etc more than half of the world’s populations should have already attained the said objectives.) The true registrations can come only through an actual experience or actually living and going through the path with one’s own choice and the soul will (or what is commonly termed in as the free will). This is the ultimate flowery path that is so much talked about all over by any and everybody having the slightest interest in spirituality. This path is full of thorns and these thorns bleed you out of the real toxins that be carried in within that continuously flows all through the body and mind with the flowing blood.

Lets get to come into a closer view of the manner in which the soul moves universally:

Every soul moves in a direction that is opposite to the direction of the cosmic evolution. That is, it moves in a direction through which it can finally merge in with the single static universal soul. This single universal soul is the universal master that towards which everything is moving to. This is the universal magnet towards which each and every soul is by itself attracted to.

The silent attractive pulling in force of this single universal soul moves itself more prominently through another replica highly evolved soul consciousness of eternal nature. This replica soul may be termed in as the cosmic master, that towards which a coagulation of souls move itself towards. This is like the cosmic magnet that has inbuilt filtration ability on account of which, not all but a patterned group of souls only can move towards it and be unified with it once the journey is completed. This replica soul towards which this such movement occurs could be most commonly of two pre-dominant nature – that of destruction along with its destructive force or preservation along with its preservation force. In these two available options, the destructive option is an easier one because the whole cosmos is by nature evolving itself towards destruction as is also clear through the cosmic evolution. Hence so obviously is the observed fact that it is easy to destroy anything but so very difficult to preserve the same thing. And going by sheer numbers, the numbers are loaded highly in favour of those following the destructive path of evolution. And it is this path that is the preferred path. This path is full of pleasures until a great distance wherein after there is just pain. And since most are highly short visionated, what is or could be observed or envisioned is just the pleasure that is so obvious. The deepest pain that is at the other end is beyond the range of visibility of most. A great cosmic trap in which most fall themselves into very willingly, consciously or unconsciously. The preservation path is the difficult option. Only those who can envision beyond that what be easily and normally visible can take up and move on this path. The path is full of pain until a great distance wherein after there is only pleasure. It is a great leap even for those who can identify the cosmic trap and take themselves out of the trap into the free state of cosmic evolution. As per the Indian mythology, the two paths are classified as the path of the shivaites and vishnuites respectively. This is a constant happening that’s been an ongoing process, and in nature there is a consistent cross-over wherein the traffic moves or changes the directions into this cosmic maze wherein the shivaites and vishnuites are in an eternal opposition with one another. While the shivaite pull through with the pain, the vishnuites pull through with the pleasure. While the shivaite cut through with the pain and fear, the vishnuite cut through with the pleasure and love. Truth and untruth are the tools that are employed by both, the shivaites and the vishnuites, the difference being just in the extent of implementing it. There is also another pathway, that which is the rarest of all rare. On this path there is neither any pleasure nor any pain. This is the path of the completely uninvolved with the happenings. This is a path of absolute illusion and transcending it. This is the most difficult of the available paths because all that it does is beyond any acceptability of all worlds and beyond. This path has hardly any followers because of its nature. As per the Indian mythology, this is the path of brahmaites. The absurd part of this path is that it is too short lived because as soon as it is followed, it by nature transforms itself into either of the two aforesaid paths. The whole beauty of this lies in the truth that this is all happening continuously silently. Everyone’s included in it. There’s no choice here.

The silent attractive pulling in force of this cosmic master soul (replica of the single universal soul) moves itself more prominently through the real world through another replica highly evolved soul consciousness of enlightened nature. This another replica soul of the earlier replica soul of the cosmic master soul may be termed in as the enlightened master, that towards which another smaller coagulation of souls move itself towards. This is like the worldly electro-magnet that has inbuilt filtration ability on account of which, not all but a patterned group of souls only can move towards it and be unified with it once the journey is completed and enable it to move itself towards being unified with the cosmic soul. It is this enlightened master soul that is moving it all on the worldly level. It moves through its objective through silent expressions or very few expressions. Here the difference that comes into effect is that a definite path is chosen, that which could either be the path of destruction or preservation. Funnily, at this level the enlightened soul that furthers the path of preservation is only the one that is visible. And, again believe it, it has a Herculean task because the natural magnitude of tide flows in the direction that is opposite to that being pursued by this soul. It is at this level that the blissful experience of love is experienced and this is the force that is employed to enable the moving coagulation to journey ahead. This enlightened soul through its wisdom picks up a section of souls that could understand these deep concepts and take the whole ahead in its due direction. It is this selected soul that is needed to rise to the occasion and opportunity that has come its way through this made selection, and is needed to take up the lead to explain this to the further sections of the common coagulation. It is through the selected soul that the life force actively and dynamically moves.

The selected soul dedicates itself to the service of the enlightened soul and commences the journey of uprising so as to fulfill the given task subjecting its body and mind to it fully. The task that is given to the servicing soul is possible to be realized only once the servicing soul is awakened. For this servicing soul to be awakened this soul is needed to journey along different places, gain and learn through various experiences and walk the path of pain, bleeding along because so is the said path. This is all not futile because this servicing soul is being enriched leaps and bound in this process and moving itself towards the state of liberation, salvation and nirvana. It is through this selected soul that is yet another replica of the enlightened soul, that the life force moves itself dynamically reaching itself to yet another configuration of other like minded souls inviting them to join in and move on ahead together.

It is this selected soul that is in active field, and as it journeys ahead, it comes face to face with the aspects of the soul itself. These aspects are the predominant soul types. These are classified as the submissive soul, the rebellious soul and the aggressive soul. The selected soul itself is of one of the predominant nature and on the path way learns to deal and handle the other soul types. On this journey, it also comes face to face with the lingering souls and the opposing souls and learns even to handle these types. All through this journey, the selected soul is gradually enriching itself interacting with these other soul types and thus raising the life energy force to rise to reach on to the soul level.

It is only when the selected soul has gained sufficient practical experience through actual work and actual interaction with various other souls from various places that the life force energy rises itself to reach itself into the zone of soul functioning level. The selected soul just to reach to this point is needed to go through very stringent and testing conditions. The life force energy touches into the soul zone only through moving itself through the elemental field, that is, the field of the elements of fire, air, water, earth and sky. Even with the life force energy moving itself through the elemental field, it is not sufficient to awaken this selected soul. To be awakened it needs a trigger and this trigger is none other than the counter part of the selected soul itself.

While the selected soul raises itself to the elemental level of life force flows, it by itself identifies its possible trigger. This trigger is automatically located and identified, and the nature endorses this identification through miraculous happenings. Yes, the nature endorses this identification through miracles. It is at this stage of the journey of the soul that the two different souls commence communicating with one another silently yet being continually drawn in towards one other. Here, it is to be noted that this is in a way a process of the wholing of the soul wherein it commences to unify its counter part. If the selected soul is a male, this counter part shall be a female and vice versa. This counter part of the selected soul is the soul mate or that eternal soul configuration that wholes up first the selected soul. This is the first awakening that the selected soul has. And this awakening arises out of the soul’s own or self stream that is linked with the element of air. Soon to follow is a series of more awakenings wherein other soul counter parts are identified, the principal and prominent ones that go on to further enrich the soul’s wholing. These come forth from the other two principal streams connected with the elements of fire and water. This is the first prominent awakening that the selected soul has. These primal awakenings are on to the streams of the self eternal partner soul and parent (mother and father) souls.

Once this awakening takes place, the selected soul is routed through the enlightened soul that endorses this awakening through a series of further miraculous happenings bringing in also the elements of earth and sky into the whole configuration. It is here that the soul family evolves and is endorsed through by the enlightened master. It is here that the worldly or earthly family is drawn into the stream of the sky. The basic relations through which the soul awakens is that of the husband/wife, mother, father, children, brothers/sisters. The awakening of the awakened soul is also transferred to the counter part automatically and so it also awakens into the process of wholing or unification that is marked as begun with this awakening. The awakened soul stretches itself to identify and locate the various soul connections not just from one life span, but from various life spans.

Not just is the working going on on the sky level, that is the level of the souls, simultaneously working is begun even at the earth level. While the awakened souls moves itself on the path of liberation, salvation and nirvana on the sky level that is through identification of other counter part souls occupying other bodies, the awakened soul that is already into an existing relationship connected with this body, the same path of liberation, salvation and nirvana is offered to the earthly counter parts also. Thus the real husband/wife, mother, father, children, brothers/sisters are also drawn into this stream through which the awakened soul journeys through.

The whole journey moves itself ahead as per the ideal laid standard plan. But the same could be subjected to some changes down the line because of the original configuration that prevails at the point of the cosmic soul, the one that is the silent driving soul of this whole movement. In this journey of the soul, a pattern is observed and that is in exact accordance to that experienced by this very cosmic soul. The pattern could be most prominently experienced at the point of location, identification or cooperation from one of the principal soul counter parts. The same is also reflected to a certain extent even at the level of the real life of the enlightened soul or even the selected soul. In such a case, as the journey goes ahead, the missing or weak areas are kind of filled in with prototypes on the soul level. These prototypes occupy the vacant spots of the complete link and could be either filled in as a replacement prototype or through the enlightened soul itself. For example, if say the driving silent cosmic soul is that of the Krishna, the vital element that is missing is that from the stream of the father. This is reflected down the whole line. (With Krishna, it has been ironical because while the element of father carries deep love for it, yet it so happens that it does not get fruitful or completely realized.

While this is done with the purest of any intent, this is where from emerges the deep tussle of the real and the true. It is here that the earth and sky connections are made. These are the most difficult to be made because there is a huge difference between the real and the true. This is the biggest and the highest test that one can ever go thru. The earth has a strong tendency to pull in within it everything, hold on to it in captivity and making available as an offering only what be acceptable to it and that which is within its laid boundaries. In contrast, the sky has no boundaries and knows not any boundaries. It has a strong tendency to bring out all of its contained aspects and offer it as available for acceptance, creating an awareness that it is the acceptance of the offering that would enable the merger into its own vastness.

It is here that begins the rapid experience of the connected submissive, rebellious and aggressive souls along with the lingering and opposing souls that function through the patterned functioning of the body, mind and soul. And it is here that the earlier explained complexity of the natural tendency of the cosmic functioning through destruction and preservation also is simultaneously put into automatic effect. It is here that the selected soul is needed to raise itself to occupy the position of the master soul through which the entire connected coagulation could move together in a well directed stream moving ahead very purposefully. It is here that fall outs are possible, though not by the wish or choice of the master soul who is wholly committed to take the entire coagulation along right until the end of this journey. At this stage, the master soul makes every effort possible so that the whole lot that be connected goes along together, but makes it clear that it can not be diverted or thwarted by those connected. It’s a one-way traffic here, and either one comes along or falls apart.

This is a critical phase in the journey of the awakened soul and its counter awakened part. It is here that the fear factor comes in the strongest. If it could be transcended, the journey continues, else the journey itself truncates. Premature truncation at this stage is the worst possible thing that could happen on this journey. Because the awakened soul in this journey has already crossed the stages of liberation and salvation and is moving in towards the stage of nirvana which is then denied by such a truncation. For the awakened soul who has attained salvation, rebirth is not possible unless a level of avatar is attained wherein at, the rebirth at will is possible to further continue the journey. So this awakened soul is left to drift in the cosmos as an under evolved soul and incompletely evolved soul. Not just this is so possible for the awakened soul to be pushed into such a deplorable state of evolution, but even the connected souls could be severely affected. Those who through this journey have come through stages of liberation can be pushed back into deep karmic bondage in their subsequent lives.

It is here that effective communication is most vital because this is a stage of cross road into destruction or preservation. With destruction having been chosen, all gets destroyed and there is just a pain all over. Such is the power of this destructive force at this cross road. With preservation having been chosen, all get unified and there is pleasure all over.

It is here that the need of wisdom to be exercised by the connected is of utmost importance. Trust is the facto prime here at this stage. It is not just the awakened souls that are in the active field at this stage, rather it’s the whole group of souls that are connected that are in to this field. Effective management of the pre-dominant soul types is important. Also important is to understand the functioning pattern of the body, mind and soul. For this one needs to understand these soul types:

Submissive Soul: These souls feel that they occupy the position of the heart of the divine or enlightened soul, but are actually located just at the feet of the divine at all times. These souls draw in the maximum of the so called and accepted blessing from a worldly point of view from the divine. These souls can never do anything of their own. They do not have any initiative or drive of their own. They lack the basic knowledge of anything worthwhile. These souls have a habit of projecting themselves as great devotees of the divine, while in actuality they are not even worthwhile servants. They are normally highly attached to results. They are very conventional in their approach. These souls build up the energies in a subtle manner.

Rebellious Soul: These souls have the capacity of deep understanding, are a source of knowledge, have deep wisdom, are self driven and are great initiators, have the tenacity to keep moving on, are confident and fearless. They are highly righteous in their approach. They are detached with the result. And they are the primal movers. They can be very unconventional in their approach. They occupy the position in the heart of the enlightened soul, yet prefer to project themselves as always at the feet of their master soul. They also possess a knack of projecting that they are over the head of their master soul. These souls are the greatest devotees of the divine, yet they never project themselves as such and always prefer themselves to be addressed as just a servant of the divine. They prefer to work objectively and peacefully taking rapid strides in the process and enjoy projecting themselves as submissive souls allowing all the credit of all works to be taken in by the enlightened soul and not them. Yet they have the capacity to be highly fiery and aggressive at times when pushed beyond their acceptable levels of being pushed. In this state even the enlightened soul have to be in submission towards these souls. They have great team spirit and enjoy and like to work as a team. These souls give a strong thrust full build up to the energy.

Aggressive Soul: These souls forcibly go on to project that they occupy the position of the heart of the divine or enlightened soul. Actually they are located just at the feet of the divine at all times. Inwardly they feel that they are occupying the position on top of the divine head. These souls always wish to do everything of their own. They have great initiative or drive of their own. They have to go ahead irrespective whether they have the basic knowledge of anything worthwhile or not. These souls have a habit of projecting themselves as possessing great qualities of the divine, while in actuality they are not even worthwhile servants. They are always highly attached to results. They are very conventional in their approach and they like to project the conventional approach as highly non-conventional. They always lack blessings in their life. They do not have good team spirit and have always got to occupy the position of lead in any team. They can go to any extent just to have their presence felt and noticed in within the team. If well directed, these can create an unbelievable surge in the energy build up, else they can very strongly drain out the energies as well.

Lingering Souls: These souls do not have any purpose to them. And they find it difficult to accept any purpose to be worthwhile to follow. These are always on the lookout of self-sympathy on account of one or another reason. These are energy drains in the real sense. They drain out the energies from the surface level.

Opposing Souls: These are tricky souls. A lot of wisdom is needed to rightly identify these souls. These souls may be great assets to have in the team because they can point out the discrepancies. In this condition, these souls give a well-directed corrective approach to the ongoing stream time to time. These can equally eat through the entire team without the team being able to notice them and their intent. In any case, these souls always do drain out a lot of energies from deep levels.

Besides these soul patterns, one needs to also understand the working of the body, mind and soul. While one is attuned to view these separately, in actuality these are inseparable. The body is the vessel through which the mind and the soul functions visibly. And it is on the body level that for the earth inhabitant’s any and all evolutions can be registered to have taken place. The registration of evolution or growth is vital because unless it is registered there cannot be any eternal growth. Both the mind and the soul are in a sense occupying the body and directing the body. In the scale of energy potential, the body is at the lowest level, then the mind and the soul is at the highest level. It is a well accepted fact in the theory of karma that it is the soul that changes the body through its various life cycles and with it also comes in a pre-programmed mind that is actuality working the body so as to allow the soul to complete the various registrations of experiences that take place on the body level. These registrations are primarily of the nature of the pain or pleasure that is experienced by the body. In the true sense, the mind is actually functioning as per the silent directives of the soul and routing the body through a series of experiences to be had in a single lifetime.

This is the pattern that goes on until the soul is awakened. Once a soul is awakened, it all changes spontaneously. The soul takes command and starts to actually direct the whole series of fresh happenings from that point onwards. This shakes up the mind. Imagine the mind that has been ruling and controlling the body for so many lifetimes is suddenly left without any control or power. The mind does not like this. But what can it do? It is at a lower energy potential and it cannot control or direct the soul. But it is also not willing to give up its control over the body. The body meanwhile identifies the awakening of the soul and quickly turns itself towards the soul. It takes up the courage to dispel the commands of the mind. All this is highly irritating to the mind. The soul keeps routing the signals through the mind to be further transferred to the body by the mind while also directly transferring the same signals directly to the body. While the mind cannot refuse the directives of the soul, it can delay the directives to be implemented to a great extent and that’s exactly that the mind engages itself into. But the soul cannot be slowed and it already starts taking up the direct approach to the body also until the time that the mind is tamed to work efficiently in accordance to the direction of the soul. The soul takes up the direct routing also because the gross level experience are easier to be registered by the mind than the higher subtle experiences to effect in a change in its self attitude. So while even if the situation be such that the mind be in a state of continual opposition to the soul, yet through the direct experiences at the body level, it is by itself undergoing a transformation to the effect as needed in accordance to the soul. The mind is also a great power house and does not give in so easily to the awakening of the soul. It desperately wants the soul to yet again go into the sleep state. For this, once it finds that the inner resources are no longer available to it, it moves outwards communicating with other minds, explaining them this position in which it is in. It cautions the other minds that what is happening to itself can well happen to them within a short while. And thus begins to make a group of minds, all of which are like minded and unwilling to let go of the power that is held over the body. And these minds join in together to create disturbances to the awakened soul subjecting the body into various processes of difficult situations to handle. The body that is by nature weak is subjected to this immense pressure from all sides with different bodies that are functioning as puppets of the mind crowding in over it. The awakened soul is alone in this whole state surrounded by various bodies and minds that are crowding in just with a single motive, that to get this awakened soul to sleep. It’s the greatest tussle of the mind and the soul that takes place hereafter. The soul in the process of continuing to be in the awakened state using its available tools and the numerous minds that hover from all around just to not allow this happen by any means possible. It’s a spectacle in which the love that flows from a single point is surrounded by fear that is flowing in from all sides all around. The awakened soul goes through this and does not sleep because if it sleeps now, it is catastrophe just not for itself but the whole surrounding of various minds and bodies that know not the understanding that the awakened soul has.

The awakened soul continues to move on in patient wait that the various minds and bodies awaken themselves to the true realization. At this stage, the awakened soul is subjected to the deepest pains of this entire journey so far. Earlier it was mentioned that this is path on which one bleeds. It is on account of the awakened soul that most of the connected embodiments have either not bled to that extent or have not bled at all. It has been the awakened soul who has been bearing most of it. And it finds itself surrounded by the same very embodiments coming at it from all sides through their narrow visions and self-driven motives that is completely beret of the higher motive that the awakened soul is fulfilling.

It is here that the awakened soul takes further steps that are beyond comprehension of any mental state puzzling the mind to its greatest extent because, all of this is beyond the minds understanding level. So while the mind or minds get on closer to the awakened soul to put it to sleep, the awakened soul amidst all the disturbance rises to awaken even further and spread this very awakening on to more. It is here that the awakening takes another massive shift on towards nirvana that is manifold times more difficult for any mind or group of minds to handle or even think of getting at. This move of the awakened soul is in advance already empowered through a unification that the awakened soul underwent with the enlightened soul. The unification continues on unstoppable now and the mind is subjected to an immense build up of pressure so as to give in and follow the tide that is set through by the soul. It is in the interest of the mind to surrender itself to the soul at this stage itself. Because the soul in fact wishes well only for one and all and knows what be the most appropriate from a higher level of understanding than that of the mind. The mind is always very narrow, while the soul is hugely broad. It is only the mind that can merge itself into the free will field of the soul. The reverse that is attempted by the mind is technically not possible in nature.

All the same, it is for the mind to understand this and act accordingly. As does the mind decide, the body of the deciding mind or minds go through the experience of pain or pleasure. This is a stage wherein the mind is undergoing a deep lesson and that is, it is impossible to force in pleasure. Pleasure always flows in freely and not through any force. It is at this stage that the mind is put into a deep lesson and that is, while it is so engrossed and focused upon the functioning at the level of the body and attempt to get at the awakened soul through the vehicle of body, it is so impossible because the vehicle that is upgraded to run on a higher octane fuel cannot run well on the low octane fuel. If forced to run on the low octane fuel, the vehicle can only break down. And that is of no use to the mind that wished to run it to its will.

It is in this state that the awakened soul commences the journey further ahead from the stage of salvation to destination nirvana. Unified and unifying together, the group of thus connected souls of the awakened soul move themselves into a merger with the enlightened soul, which in due course of time moves itself into a merger with the cosmic soul, and the cosmic soul in due course of time moves itself into a merger with the universal soul.

Here, the awakened soul deeply craves to take along with the associates from the earthly plane (husband/wife, mother, father, children, brothers/sisters) and the same path is unconditionally offered to them. It has a wish and that is of completing the journey with the earth plane partners too. But while it is an auto state of happening from the sky plane, an effort is required to be put in over the earth plane because of the natural tendency of the earth plane to oppose or thwart the movement through its own limited vision. This is where from the friction takes place. While the awakened soul is moving ahead into the eternal motive and fulfilling a massive role-play, its own mind and body is continually routed through the grip of mind and body that predominantly operate from the earth plane. Here, again the earth factors needs to acknowledge that its existence is in within the sky and not vice-versa. As such, it cannot change the skyway. It can only move itself on the skyway. The choice to do or not to do is as per the free will of each concerned embodiment. The movement goes on irrespective of the choice made in the eternal field of the bliss of love emanating from the highest source.

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