Laughter Therapy

Laughter is an expression of myth — an expression of happiness. It is a positive natural state which helps keep your body healthy. It is the greatest gift of god to the human beings. Laughter distinguishes the human being from the animal world.

While laughing the individual’s primary emotion is joy as his mental state is relaxes. When you laugh your diaphragm is relaxed, your lungs are exercised and your heart is given a good ‘tuning up’. Special healing hormones are released. There are plenty of exercises available for your body muscles, but laughter provides good exercise to organs and enhances blood supply. Bogged down by innumerable problems of modern day pace of life, almost every person today suffers from tension, fatigue and stress and strain. It has become a tense and complicated affair on account of rat race for survival. Chronic fatigue is a major medical problem that affects millions of people, reducing their ability to function.

Most people in modern complex, industrialized social order find themselves in isolation and are confronted with a deep sense of insecurity and anxiety. Life is a strange mix of joys and sorrows. The man who always takes a pessimistic attitude can never enjoy life. He is potential victim of high blood pressure, heart attack, kidney disorder, anxiety, depression, peptic ulcers, nervous breakdown and various other ailments which affect the modern man. On the other hand if a man takes an optimistic view of life then he can sail through life with ease and disease free. One who is always complaining, soon finds himself alone. Laughter is a boon at a time when life is very stressful and diseases related to sheer fatigue from coping with everyday pressures are on the rise.

Laughter has a positive impact on various parts of the body.
It helps in increasing the vital capacity of the lungs.
When we laugh – it is similar to Kapalbhati in yoga where there is a rhythmic movement of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. How relaxing it is when you laugh, you feel free and happy.  And during the time when you laugh , very little else seems to matter.  Hasya Yoga is a new yogic technique of laughter. It includes methods to tranquil the mind and control stress and fatigue.  Every session in the morning starts with deep breathing exercise and stretching lasting about 20 minutes after which the members raise their heads to words the sky and start chanting Ho HO Ha Ha Ha in rhythmic pattern. The speed of chanting is gradually increased and its crescendo is reached with a burst of laughter. Laughter is contagious which is why eye contact is very necessary. When one person laughs, everyone begins to follow out. The members greet one another with a particular gesture while making the eye contact. They also silently laugh at one another with closed lips. Laughter is not confined to the morning exercise only. It is a way of life. Laughter is a medicine. Laughter is a therapy. It has numerous benefits. Its immediate benefit is the derivation of a sense of well being. Imparts better sleep. Serves as a tranquilizer. It helps control blood pressure by reducing the stress related hormones. It improves the digestive and excretory systems. It helps cure ailments— coughs and colds, nervous breakdown, allergies, migraine, depression even cancers. It also acts as a pain killer as it increases the level of endorphins which are natural pain killers. one of the most common causes of frequent attacks of asthma is infection. Laughter increases the antibody levels in the mucous membrane of the respiratory passages, thereby reducing the frequency of chest infections. It increases the over all level of happiness. It helps keep you fresh.

High-tech medicine (Allopathic) has failed to generate health. It does not cure. Many medicines do more harm than good. Modern medicine provokes fear and anxiety. Health care system relies on allopathic and it will take a long time to change things. Laughter comes naturally and easily and in abundance to the rustic and innocent people. City fellows block their laughter thereby denying themselves the manifold benefits of this wonderful gift from God-which promote good health. Laughter inculcates in you to enjoy the art of living life – to keep in touch with your friends, keeps you in a generous mood to enjoy life – even to enjoy weaknesses, your spouse’s and children’s weaknesses, even to enjoy bouts with them – disagree with them – only to agree with them later on – that cements the relationship with them. When we have developed the art of laughing, there are several avenues of enjoying life. When we laugh, it helps to raise antibody levels and strengthens our immune system. The frequency of common colds, sore throat and chest infections, if any that reduced. It is said that laughter provides certain enzymes in the brain which naturally induce sleep and relaxation. It acts as a safety valve.

Everyone wants to be happy, but few are happy. Life without laughter is a havoc. Laughter is a salt of life.  Life is not a bed of roses. In this age of high stress and pressures – competition for survival has snatched all pleasures from material life. The man who takes joys and sorrows alike is really brave. The only way to control stress is to control the mind. Unless we know how to train the min, it is difficult to lead a purposeful happy life. One way to cope with this situation is to develop the sense of humor – learn to laugh – learn to laugh at one’s own self. It is an easy way of stress bursting. It helps remove toxins from the body, protects from illness, increases vitality and glowing health.

Laughter is the spice of life. Ability to laugh things off – helps to tide over difficult times. A healthy mind in a healthy body with a refreshing soul. A person who is too serious and does not have the ability to laugh at himself lives under constant pressure and tension. Latest research in the field of medicine has convinced the experts that laughter is the best medicine. Patients who even terminally ill, but have the ability to laugh have a better chance of survival than those who got into a state of depression and brood about their illness and yield to despair negative attitude. Doctors can do more for the health of their patients by helping them to laugh and smile then by giving them medicines. A sick person regains his health better if he is able to laugh. A person who has the ability to laugh is able to sail through the travails of life with ease.

To cultivate the faculty to be able to laugh – which restores the equilibrium – is the best preparation we can make in facing the conditions of life on earth. Laughter promotes a glowing complexion and a cheerful face. It develops a strong will power. The people who are able to laugh never bother of the future nor do they lament the past. ‘Past is dead. Future is unborn. Then why worry’. They never dwell on the past mistakes. They live in the present. They have a strong will power.


If you feel stressed…………………………Laugh
If you feel fatigued…………………………Laugh
If you feel agitated or restless………….Laugh
If you feel worthless, unable to cope…..Laugh
For laughter there is no age bar.
“Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think”
Laughter is a God\’s gift that promotes energy and strength, peace of mind, freedom from anxiety and tones up our nervous system. It activates endocrine glands which emit secretions as per our requirement in the body. It is the most important single factor for promotion of health and success in life.

If you weep, you weep alone.
If you laugh, the whole world laughs with you.
Therefore ………………. Trust in God and be HAPPY.

1. Try to spend time as possible with happy people.
2. Don\’t take yourself seriously.
3. Try to get into the habit of seeing the funny side of things.
4. If you want to laugh out loud, then do it.
5. Smile begets smile


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