Life is Delicious

We are all living amidst a plethora of options galore. Everybody in this life comes for a specific

purpose. It might be for money, power, self enlightenment etc. the main objective is to live according to your dreams.

But in the rat race of life, we have all forgotten the delicious aroma that life offers us. The stimulation of senses can be achieved if one lives a life full of spirituality and fulfillment. Just as we savor a delicious meal which is superbly contortioned with pleasing aroma, the essence of life should be lived in the same manner. A person from morning to night is always searching for mortal satisfaction amongst food, love, sex but he is unaware of the fact that his life is delicious by other means. Let us see how.


Life can be made delicious through time management. In between 24 hours, we all go through successes and failures. It all depends on the way you manage time. It helps us in devouring each and every moment with full enthusiasm and hunger to live just as we hungrily devour a tasty dish. Most of the time people wander out in search of wandering aimlessly in the quest for happiness. But instead of that, moments spent in solitude with oneself in enough to make life delicious. Utilizing time in learning, self development and building inter- personal relationship helps to make life delicious. It is all about the way you spend your quality time.


Determination, hard work, perseverance are all the steps to the stairway to great achievements. In the entire span of a person’s life, he learns through mistakes and learns that these are the surest and the safest means to make life appear delicious. Throwing yourself into your endeavors, success is bound to follow. Because the fruits of success are very sweet. We are all filled with hidden resources which can be delivered through determined efforts. Therefore a life with good principles and values are the base ingredients to make a delicious life.


Life is filled with decisions. We make hundreds of them daily. Some are big and some small. But they do help in making our life tangy thereby making life delicious. Sometimes it makes life sour due to wrong decisions while some good decisions make it very sweet. The main thing is to enjoy life with every flavor and accept it in the same way. Decisions are yours and having a taste for any flavor makes life feel delicious all the time in any state. Therefore a decision even if made wrong should not be lamented or grieved but should be cherished.


In between all the action and run for acclaim, we forget to connect with God or even to ourselves. In 24 hours finding 24 minutes should not be very difficult. This is because a person is connected to his real self while meditating. He does not require monetary things to make himself happy. Only a moment of solitude and gratitude towards God is enough to make life delicious. Expressing your love is the best way to find solace within yourself. Therefore meditation should always be in the priority to make life delicious. God had poured all the ingredients inside a human beauty ? health, wealth, fame, beauty. The only ingredient he missed out was peace. With mediation, peace can be acquired and a direct contact with God can thus be established. Sitting in quiet secluded place and concentrating on your breathing helps to slow down and gather the exotic flavor of the delicious life. Gentle breathing exercise like Pranayam, yogic mediation helps to counter negative effects of depression and hopelessness and makes life look delicious.


Delicious does not intend to mean unlimited addiction and stumbling phrases in adolescence. Control over ones intake and conscious living helps in giving meaning to life. A delicious life is linked with good values and good thoughts which are seldom found in the teens of today. They would rather find solace in the clutches of drugs or other addictive sources to make life seem delicious for them. But this satiates their hunger for a very short period. The desire to make their life delicious throngs back and they find themselves in the whirlpool of sadism and depression. It is necessary to show them the right way to live with good principles for a good life.


We all have flaws. None of us are perfect. But we should love our self unconditionally to prove ourselves and not anyone else. We make mistakes but do not have to punish our self inhumanly. It is our right to live a life of happiness. Therefore we should make life delicious by accepting our flaws and correcting them our self and not ruining it thinking about them.


We are all social animals. But due to excessive work we tend to forget people who are very dear to us. Our friends and relatives are all taken for granted in this rat race for success and power. We tend to fight due to difference in thoughts and attitudes with everyone. In matrimony, spouses tend to fight each day and forget the reason there are together. Mere expectation towards each other crops up misunderstanding and secretly paves way for hatred in each other’s hearts. We must learn to forgive and forget each other and walk towards the path of love and sacrifice. Letting go of hatred and contempt is the most essential way to make life delicious.


Everyday life can seem boring if there is no flavor of newness. To make life seem interesting it is important to travel and see the world. Exploring new places, dining at new places, meeting new people and understanding the history of a new place makes life seem interesting and delicious too. Journeys give a feel good factor that seems to invigorate our sense and add zing to our life. Therefore, single or in group life should be explored by visiting exotic places such as beaches, hilly areas or snow capped mountains.


Yes we all work. At home, in offices anywhere. But how many of us find true satisfaction out of work. We work for the mere sake of money or just to keep ourselves busy. But the sheer bliss of working is hardly endeavored by anyone. Life looks delicious if it is decorated with hard work and ecstasy towards work. Dedication and passion towards work not only gives monetary rewards, but it also provides a purpose to life. It helps us in acknowledging who we are. People who are professional need nothing except their work to make their life delicious. Time is running out, all you dear friends. Let us give a meaning to life. Let us call it delicious and make it a tasty dish to savor each and every moment. Let us loosen our self in the aroma of freshness that we make out of our life and spread the same ingredients of life to everybody in the whole world. Because life is a delicious dish to be taken with a keen state of mind.


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