Match Making

Check and Know Life long Compatibility with your Mate.

These checks are done through subtle vibration check methods. It is possible to conduct these subtle vibration checks for any location from anywhere. These vibration checks are most reliable and accurate.

This is highly accurate helpful information to establish relationships or even manage existing relationships and make the best from it.
For arranged relationship conditions, it can even be extended to ascertain family compatibilities.

“Marriages may be made in heaven but they are lived on earth”
“One may fall in love but one is needed to live and rise in harmony”

This is useful in the following areas:

  • To check compatibility upon various aspects of day-to-day life with your spouse. This is helpful to know how satisfying life in such companionship be.

  • To understand the approach needed to be adopted in areas of non-compatibility. This is helpful to maintain harmony in the relationship.

  • To know the ease or struggle, success or failure in life that results through the companionship.

  • To know if harmony exists at the level of relationship with in-laws.

This can be provided through internet. All that is needed to make the check report is name of the individuals. Nothing else is needed. Reports shall be emailed within 48 hours of receiving the request.


There is a strong attractive magnetic current to this relationship. This strong under-current is quite capable of taking the involved individuals into a state of frenzy craving for one another. In this frenzy, the female is likely to experience some discomfort through unbalancing high craving mental shifts. They share a decent understanding of one another and are able to well process each other’s thinking. The female again is at a back-step here in this processing. Her pace ability in this process field is much slower than the male’s. And this itself can cause irritation to the female. This irritation build-up within the female over a period of time could cause an irritation build-up in the male too. Both are very deeply connected with one another and have a silent understanding of one another. They both possess a strong inner sense of one another. Such strong is this inner affinity that they are invariably drawn close towards one another often possessively by one another.

This strong inner affinity has quite an influence upon practically all aspects concerning them. This makes their mutual expressions quite interesting. They are both inclined towards endless expressions but hardly actually express anything. It is like both feel that what is thought of being expressed is already known to the other one. This keeps them boiling within themselves to a point until one of them which invariably is the female first pulls off the lid. Both have deep love and affection towards one another. The male here has much deep love within than the female. The female here is in constant expectation of the expression of this love, which is so deep that it hardly reflects upon the surface.

Materially, this relationship is not that rewarding. There is never a scarcity here and all needs get fulfilled but there is always a dearth of material content through this relationship, particularly to the female. The male carries a higher family bond over here than the female. Overall, this relationship does create unpleasant family harmony. They are able to manage greatly with one another, but when it comes to involvement of family, the balance and harmony is not to the desired levels.

This aspect makes their worldly survival quite stress filled. The physical intimacy in them is outstanding. This has the abilities to resolve and dissolve any resulting stress and rejuvenate both unimaginably. Their response towards one other is perfectly timed and it is a symphony when in this act. When they be together and be left alone, they are a pair that is on top of this world and nothing’s impossible for them. But equally true is that such possibility is hardly so possible and the pair ends up toiling hard to achieve what can so easily be achieved.

Key Points:

  • It’s a mixed bag relationship. Spiritually highly fulfilling, materially unfulfilling.

  • It is electro-magnetic in nature and creates its own field around it.

  • It carries a high resistance field around it.

  • There is deep love, understanding and care in this.

  • There is struggle and stress in this.

  • There is complete sexual satisfaction in this.


On the basis of worldly considerations of needs of living and survival,
On a scale of 10, the proposed relationship can be awarded a rating of 1.5

Any rating below 3 is considered a poor rating.

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