May Peace Prevail on Earth

We are capable of creating a Universe full of energy of Love , Peace and happiness around ourselves .

We must pray every day and fix a World time in a manner that the 6 Billion plus people on the Planet Mother Earth are able pray simultaneously at the same time .



The power of this collective prayer Mantra will be so highly magnified that the collective consciousness of the Universal mind will love to love us all the Human Beings and other beings and remove hatred and violence from the root .

Can you imagine the power of this collective prayer pronounced to the almighty father the GOD every day .
We in India know for sure that faith and prayers can melt the stones also .

We also believe in the collective Yagya in the presence of the greatest energy the Life force – Fire – Agni .

We invite all to join and organise a Maha Yagya with love for peace and prosperity for all in the Cosmos .

Remember Yagya is not religion .

With Love for all ,

Prince Chugh

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