Meditate on Heart Organ

Gyan Mudra. Final Heart Organ Meditation Steps

Sit in the ground in any position or on the chair or stand straight, feet nearly one foot apart or even while lying anywhere.

In case of emergency the position for performing this mudra is not important as this has to prevent and control Heart Attack and stroke; one has to form this Mudra while in any position and follow the simple steps enlisted below.


  1. Join the first finger of the right hand with the right thumb and place it on forehead.

  2. Concentrate deeply on this Mudra while trying to close the eyes and start uttering Hari Om.

  3. Bring down the joined finger and thumb towards the heart while uttering Hari OM via nose, throat, left lung and then heart, finally traversing through the forearm towards the fingers of the left hand, then make the right hand rest in any position anywhere.

  4. Repeat this once again with the right hand only as the heart problem in angina i.e. blockage of any artery due to cholesterol or other fatty deposits or a blood clot or clots that affect the Heart which is on the left side.


How It Acts

Hari Om sounds produces vibrations and the vibrations do the following:

  1. Produce Heat

  2. Dilute clot or small Clots or other fatty deposits.

  3. Generate Electro Magnetic Energy to recharge the weekend cells.

  4. Increase Circulation of Blood and oxygen

  5. Increase the Receptive Capacity of Cells for Blood and Oxygen by influx action of vibrations.


These are the five factors which prevent and control heart attack and stroke. The practice of 2 days with four sittings of 15 minutes each, per day of Hari Om Therapy/ Organ Meditations will make one efficient to reach that final stage of Gyan Mudra. Questions can be raised, why we need all kinds of Organ Meditation postures and Hari Om therapy for trying to control Heart attack or stroke. Answer lies in the fact that we wish to activate and clear out even the smallest heart artery leading to heart muscle, on our way to reaching the final stage of Gyan Mudra which controls the Heart attack and stroke. We also wish to eliminate diabetic condition, fatty and cholesterol deposits and also shattering flabbiness thereby.  For making the whole heart organ disease-less and aliment free, we are reaching the heart from different angles by four postures described before. In this process we are also practicing to enable ourselves to achieve a state of perfect meditation whereby we are capable to prevent and control heart attack and stroke through Gyan Mudra within 15 seconds. It also trains the mind for concentration and meditation.


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