Meditation with Mantra Yoga

To be a quality individual, one need to clean oneself of internal dirt and negative thoughts. In a sense, nothing can be done directly.

Despite of progress in all fields there is always something missing in one’s life, because whenever something is done directly, mind comes in and it doesn’t allow an individual to be silent and calm.

As mind is a disturbance- it is the noise. Meditation means any opportunity any space, any time just allow things to happen around you, look deeply, attentively but don’t be active-because activity means thinking. Allow things to happen so one will become silent. Silence is not a state of mind but a state of inner soul of one’s being.

In meditation one becomes GOD, because all distinction disappears. One becomes one with the whole because in meditation one cannot divide himself from the whole. All division falls. While meditating one penetrates from every pore of the body reaching deeper and deeper, not doing anything, not even moving, totally passive but alert.

Anything repeated continuously becomes mantra. Mantra means a repetition of certain words, a certain sound. It helps the mind to be absorbed and so absorbed that the mind cannot function. Mantra yoga provides the direction by which a person can realize himself. The words in mantra create powerful vibrations in the individual. It attracts divine forces which mysteriously heal the disorganization in the organized being in terms of physical, spiritual and psychological body.

OM GAM GANPATEH NAMAH, OM KRISHNAYA NAMAH, OM SHIVAY NAMAH, MAHA MRITUNJAY MANTRA and GAYATRI MANTRA are five different sphere for cleanliness out of which the soul can be cleansed. It will be total endeavor. True consciousness is not affected by body, mind and intellect, not affected by any state of mind and auction. The inner consciousness leads to outer-consciousness. More and more conscious, doing not like a mechanism but presence-innocence flowers which is a great thing that can happen to human being.

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