Mind-A Friend Or A Foe

A 1300-1400 grams of mass, placed above your shoulders, called “mind” (scientifically called brain) is the epitome in the scheme of creation by the divine. Intricately complicated and exquisitely simple.

The complexity is only in matters of its biological functioning, which goes on, on its own. But the produce of the mind is either simply positive or negative. And this simple duality is the bone of contention of our entire existence. We believe God created us in his image and likeness because he wanted to experience himself through us. For which he created our physical bodies to house the “infinite, unbound, pure energy” we call mind. Now we may wonder if the mind is God’s part himself, why it suffers from the duality of negativism and positivism. This is because God did not wish to thwart our free will to choose our own experiences while he blessed us with the ability to live ecstatically. We conceptually know that we are God, but to experience ourselves as Him, he gave us the mind and the liberty to generate our thoughts and create ourselves accordingly. The mind is unbiased and neutral on its own. It is like electricity, waves of energy. The same electricity can be used to electrocute a person or to operate a laser machine and cure a person. So is the electricity to be blamed for the electrocution or our desire for it? Exactly! It is our desire indeed. And we are so ignorant and indifferent to these desires that we let them electrocute our own lives. Our desires stem out from our contact with the objective world, which we experience through our body. But while we fulfill our desires and wants, there is still a hollowness enveloping us.

We are all in the pursuit of lasting happiness. Our objective gratification certainly brings joy but it is only temporary. It is only until we haven’t satisfied or comforted our desires that the excitement lives. Once the want is fulfilled, there is again an empty feeling inside. The world has a dichotomy of objectivity and subjectivity. Now that we know that the objective world is an unreliable and ephemeral source of happiness, it leaves only the subjective world to be relished. This subjective world is within us i.e. “the mind”. Mind is the only proven, reliable and sure source of eternal bliss. And now if we turn our backs even to this fountainhead, there can be no refuge for our souls. Mind of its own is a pure, unclouded energy. To make a friend or a foe of it is in our hands. The first step that we invariably take to make it work against us is remembering the past and planning for the future. Jan Glide well said, “You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.” The moment “now” is actually a gift that is why it is called “present”. But more often than not, we either fast forward to embellish the future or rewind to the past to reminiscence sad or happy moments gone by. In this whole process, the current moment is never lived. The mind is burdened with matters that either shackle us or give an illusionary joy. When the mind learns to maintain equanimity under all conditions, living each moment as it comes by, there can be everlasting friendship of mind and body.

The mind surely revels in the moments of bliss, but sadly we find this peace short lived and seldom. Because we soon drift back into the chaotic and wasteful nitty-gritty of the mind. It is important to understand that every person we encounter and every incident that occurs is meant to make us the person we are suppose to become. The mind plays the pivotal role in helping us achieving this. Swami Sukhbodhanadji says that our mind is like a cup. If you place it upside down, no amount of rains can fill it. But place it open and straight and even a drizzle will pour itself in. Similarly our minds have to be left open to be receptive to the beautiful world around. All it requires is some self-control. The goodness is within us but the force of negativism is stronger and easily influential. Positive thoughts have to be constantly churned to get butter like smooth life. Even Lord Krishna told Arjuna in Bhagvad Geeta that God gives divine audience only to those who pray and strive hard. It is impertinent to have faith in our mind and then train it to produce miraculous happiness. Be convinced that happiness is you and within you and stop all external search for it.

The famous philosopher Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”. This can further be interpreted, as “Consequently I shall be what I shall think.” “FRIEND’ of “FOE” is our decision and our choice. Generate thoughts of positivism, brightness and cheerfulness and let the mind become our best friend. It is the sole genesis of permanent joy, so don’t let it turn into your foe, or happiness will only be an illusion.

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