The Power of Mind

The Power of Mind

The human mind is probably the most powerful force on earth. Without it we are nothing. Combined with our body and soul it is a truly remarkable example of God’s power of creation.

Everything that the human race has achieved has been due to one or more minds developing an idea and then making it a reality. It is our duty to use positive thinking to train our minds to overcome any perceived difficulties or hardships that we may be experiencing. Yoga and other forms of meditation allow us to free our minds and become one with the universe. It is this higher state that we all aspire to, the state of true enlightenment. Just as a child needs nurturing and feeding to grow healthy and strong, so does our mind. Our body is of little use if our mind is weak. We need to constantly pursue a healthy mind, body and soul to enable us to be a valuable part of the fabric of the universe. If you set your mind to achieving a task then you are harnessing the power of positive thinking and your goals will be within reach. This does take discipline and dedication as there are many factors that can affect the mind and potentially block the road to true enlightenment. It is essential that you remain steadfast and use the meditation techniques of yoga to maintain your mind’s focus. Your mind is the root of your determination and ambition. It is a precious commodity that needs to be given the care and attention that it deserves.

There are many instances where problems relating to the mind are highlighted. These only serve to emphasize the importance of nurturing and training your mind to avoid similar situations befalling you. If someone is said to be ?losing their mind? then they are losing their grip on reality. This is the key to the understanding of the way that the mind, body and soul work together. Once you are no longer in control of your own mind then you are unable to be held responsible for the actions of your body. This is also highlighted when someone has performed an act that ?no-one in their right mind? would do. The mind is seen very much as the controlling factor over our actions. Positive thinking may not be enough to overcome this level of deterioration but mediation and other techniques to help re-focus the mind are often successful in reversing the downhill spiral. The phrase relating to ?mind over matter? highlights the importance of keeping control of your own mind in order to overcome any diversity. There are many other phrases that people often use that refer to the mind and all add to the importance of a healthy mind.

Reading someone’s mind is seen as a method of channeling in to their innermost thoughts and desires, or a person’s soul. Again, this emphasizes the strong link that exists between your mind, body and soul. This is often seen as an invasion into your inner being and raises concerns over mind control. True, these ideas are often relegated to science fiction novels or movies, but the thought of someone else reading and controlling your mind terrifies the majority of people. No matter what God or higher power we believe in, mind control is seen as invasive and, in some cases, evil. However, there have been cases where people have been subjected to a form of mind control by indoctrination. This is a far more sustained attack on a person’s mind than anything read in a novel or seen in a movie theatre. When these rare occasions have come to light the fear that they instill in many people places even more weight on the power of the mind. The majority of people are more concerned about losing control of their own mind than they are about losing a limb, or being paralyzed. One of the main worries relates to our decision making power. If we are no longer in full control of our mind then we lose all sense of reason. Many people also believe that physical problems can be overcome far easier than those associated with our minds.

To become one with the universe, and reach true enlightenment, we need to have the strength of mind to overcome any of life’s problems. This is achievable, in part, by our mind, body and soul being in harmony. However, our body is of no use to us if we are not in control of our own mind. With a disciplined mind and positive thinking we can rise above the failings of our body and reach true enlightenment. Once we have reached this state, we dispense with our bodily form and our mind remains as an integral part of our soul. It is our mind that gives us our individuality, strength, courage and determination to succeed in our endeavors. The power of positive thinking teaches us that we can do anything that we put our mind to. Our God or other higher power had bestowed the gifts of a mind, body and soul for us to use on our journey to true enlightenment. Yoga and other forms of meditation are essential in achieving and maintaining a clear mind to enable us to dedicate ourselves to continually striving to better ourselves. Our mind is essentially the driving force behind our body and soul. This is the basis of any creed or religion whether we believe that we have a God to help steer our minds along the right path or a higher power to seek guidance from when we feel unable to focus our minds. The power that combined minds can have is immense and it is our responsibility to ensure that we only use the power of our minds to good effect and not to the detriment of others. We are all part of the fabric of the universe and we can achieve anything that we want to if we focus the energies of our minds together. The potential power that our minds have is truly awe-inspiring and we need to help it thrive through meditation and positive thinking.

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