Miracles of Life

When was the last time you realized that you had hurt yourself but the pain gets disappeared within a few days without applying anything. These healings have not been explained by medical sciences or researches. They can be categorized as miracles. Hoping or praying that the wound get healed an immensely powerful positive energy is generated. Surprisingly, your wishes are granted and the wound disappears. This is a miracle.

An astonishing incident which seems unreal but gives a good effect is a miracle. We all happen to go through some miracles either on a daily basis or maybe occasionally. But the truth lies that they do exist. There are also miracles when the perfect solution to a disturbing problem arises out of nowhere at the right time. There are also miracles when something you dearly wanted and craved would be presented before you in platter. There are miracles in finding the PERFECT spouse, job, occasion, gift or anything your heart desires. The reality is that we are all species on this earthy who are subjected for all the good things in life. The plain fact lies that since we are always overwhelming or overanxious, things that we really desire are things that we are destined for. In some or the other time we are bound to get it. But the sheer lack of motivation seems to lure us away from our desired goal and lands us in whirlpool of confusion. Life is in favors of us and not against us.


Believing in you and getting focused helps to get what we want. Here are simple ways in helping achieving miracles in life:

  • Clarity in approach: your goal is just a few miles away form you depending on the genuineness of your approach. Being focused about the end result is the surest away of attaining your goal. Just be focused on the end result and not how it will be done. That task is taken care of the almighty. The universe or the cosmic energy manipulates thing to get what you desire.

  • Expect the best: We tend to compromise with life. If we do not get what we desire we settle down for something that is not very likeable. It seems a mere compromise. Even when you are in difficult times, try getting the best you deserve. When you expect the worst, you will get the worst. You deserve it according to your right to exist. Consciously expect that everything is happening for your best and it will happen

  • Have genuine faith in yourself and the almighty: to let miracles happen in your life have faith. This encompasses strength in you to overcome any obstacle coming your way. Having faith will give a new direction and will help you in realizing your dreams. Once you start having this, you will feel empowered and your faith will become more self generating.

  • Be conscious of your thoughts: you might not believe but your thoughts actually magnetize others the same way. If you have negative thoughts you will attract negative people; butt positive thoughts will attract positive people who will help you in realizing your dreams. Negative thoughts block miracles so you need to eliminate all negative thought. It will not be possible in the beginning but gradually it will.

  • Open yourself to all possibilities: your goal is in your hands, but the cosmic energy has the power to give it to you in his way. Holding yourself too tightly will only worsen the situation and will make things seem more difficult to attain. The universal power decides to give you your desires in its own way and not how you want to. By holding yourself too tightly mentally or physically, you can diminish our good fortune completely.

  • Visualize yourself: your priority is what you want to be and not what you do not have. Rather than lamenting what you do not have, focus on what you will have a few years down the line. If you want respect, money, good health, family, career, good relations, friends focus on them and you will surely get.

  • Store your power: you might have the vague idea of becoming the next bill Clinton or the next Pamela Anderson. People might laugh or even mock at your reaching for the stars. But you do not realize that there is thin line about your desire and attainment. Sharing your thought with someone might leak positive vibrations about the goal; also the person listening to you might hold some negative thoughts which can block your reaching the goal. The depth between you and the universal spirit should not be violated. Therefore it is very important to share as less as possible.

  • Be calm: a stable mind is the gateway to acquire anything you desire. A turbulent mind on the other hand is always highly volatile leading you to nowhere. Therefore it is very important to be focused on what you want. This makes your calm and relaxed. This would help you in making the right decision in life for you.

  • Pray daily: religious or non religious, anyone who gives himself to god with full faith, is bound to get salvation. While praying let go off all your worries and surrender in the hands of God. Express your keen desire and the rest would be taken care of. The moment you start praying, half of your work is done. You are almost near to your goal. Faith in God really works. Just like our parents take care of the moment we tell them our problem, God also takes care of us in the same way. The only thing required is sheer belief and unlimited empathy. For beginners who have never prayed, find a calm place, allow yourself to have feelings of love, compassion for yourself and everything around you. This would generate a bonding of trust and love between you and God.

  • Give what you want: Since everything you give comes back to you in the same momentum, give your best to the cosmic energy. Spread happiness, love, empathy and you will get the same. Miracles are then bound to happen…


Remember you are the only hindrance in getting miracles in your life. So free yourself and let go. Miracles will surely follow.

Author: admin