Numbers & Blessing

0. Nothingness by itself provides who-ling and completeness to any else; signifies end of one series & beginning of another; deca multiplying effect if placed in suffix; meaningless in prefix state without a point to generate deca divisional effect!!.

1. The leading point.. it would have a tendency to be in lead always.. a motivating & inspirational factor normally when in lead but when not so could get into disturbance.. it continually finds itself in stressed out depressive state because of not ever be in lead and is continually motivated to find ways to get itself into lead.. it is always subject to more leg pull and less applaud.. something that the leaders have to ever go through.

2. The follower and implementing point.. .it functions through a cover background and this makes this work itself to achieve its given objectives.. .normally this number is taken as a successful number in the present global situations.. it has a quality that makes organizational and regulatory bodies tending to keep it under observation.. it has a tendency to appear as falling apart under pressure before it re-surfaces yet again in the similar fashion.. .as would Pepsi slogan go, nothing official about it.

3. It is introspective and evaluative.. always in state of selecting options.. has great managerial and administrative qualities.. insufficient utilization of capabilities.. sluggish tendency.. Energy mostly gets utilized in damping any impositions.. a rare jewel that normally gets neglected.. lacks in self initiative and excels in the company of followers.

4. It is revolutionary & hence at times explosive.. in a state of continual self initiated drive.. speed is its essence of survival and sustenance.. impatience its quality.. always a point of stretch on to anything.. greatly imaginative and impractical until it establishes the impractical practically.. excellence comes into best effect when its energy gets propagated from well aligned points.

5. The changer of itself.. inability to go straight.. yet able to reach the destination.. the destination itself ever camouflaged.. .a balancing point.. mastery over creating and dissolving confusions.. great attractive qualities.. holds the unpredictability key.. .shows great abilities in all areas and is equally capable of great incapability in all areas.. the biggest mood player and a great gambler.

6. Its the mover.. .great assimilating and holding quality.. .a bundle of energy that is roped into sluggish lethargy unless it identifies its own centre motivation.. .it is dynamic but inherently static by nature.. .always needs a Herculean push to move.. .and when it moves its like ‘Lo! Behold!’.. .happy to be involved in activities thought of practical inconsequence.. .precision is a key that is ever so hard be found.. it is well known but yet it serves the purpose to stay put.

7. Its pure.. .compassionate propagator.. enjoys to be appearing as would anybody else view it while maintaining its own identity always.. highly tenacious and can withstand storms.. has great content quality.. likes to take care and be protective.. can well take anybody’s pain so that the other be relieved of it.. .can be ruthless if pushed beyond limits of sustenance.

8. It is dynamite.. .very ruthless and aggressive.. . unproductive.. hard to be satisfied.. ever confused to decide on to anything and ends up opposing anything.. has destructive qualities.. can take up highly explosive state.. .very soft and tender from within – but who could get in there.. it has the ability to do the impossible.

9. It is calm & composed.. .normally successful.. .easy life as it derives support from all sides.. it assimilates the selective positive from all and strives on that.. .it has great filtration abilities.. .a great pacifier.. .it has the ability to make anybody smile While the singles go well, it is the combination that moves things. You have combinations from 1 to 31, yielding a sub-result that is derived from the combination not to say that more detailed combinations also come up to yield more sub-result combo.

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