One Cure to Ailments

Without being philosophical, hope can be defined as a palliative to ameliorate our heart-felt wounds and bruises. We seldom talk about our conscious or subconscious feelings to others. But deep down in the core all of us feel the same. All of us in our lifetime go through highs and lows.

Some are fortunate to see less of lows but at some point of time, all of us stand at the so called “last step” of the staircase but there still seems a wide chasm between that last step and the terrace. Then how do we reach the terrace? Certainly not with one big leap. It’s again a new small step but the strong banister this time is Bright Ray of HOPE. Ever wondered what makes us tick and move apart from food, light and oxygen? It is none but a vitamin pill of heart called hope, which is available in plenty and free of cost for those who wish to live with zest and vitality. But despite this there are some parsimonious hearts called pessimists who would die bit by bit of agony but not heal their hearts. The lyrics of hope can make our heart dance to tunes of joy and merry.

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