Positive Thinking Women Winners in Life

Women are the pillars of the house. A house made of weak pillars is hard to survive; similarly a house with positive thinkers is a house of harmony and happiness.The most important member of the house is the woman of the house.

She needs to a personification of strength and strength on order to make her household steadfast like a rock. A positive thinker always tends to look at a situation in full light and ignoring the negativities of life. Often there are households we hear have that are ruined due to the wife. Her extravagant ways, her screaming and shouting at the family often zeroes the happiness of the house. She is herself unhappy from within. In that case it is difficult to give happiness to others. She is always fed up of situations around her and is often complaining about everything. In spite of having everything good she is always unhappy with life. She is like the fish that in the quest of bigger river leaved her small stream, which had satisfactory life and soon falls in the mouth of the big fish and ends up her life. Our living is often determined by our attitude. A positive attitude tends to brighten up a dull life. Similarly a negative one tends to nullify all the goodness of life. A woman with sunshine in her eyes is ready to conquer the world with a positive gleam and a confident attitude. Wrong ways of thinking and mistaken ideas make a woman miserable. The negative thoughts shooting up in the brain are like weeds that destroy the healthy crops in the form of good thoughts. It is the daring attribute of the woman to replace those thoughts with healthy ones and to make a blissful living.


Even though positive thinking women are born like that, A negative thinking woman can also change her way of thinking by such ways:

  • Develop a positive attitude:

Attitudes are repetition of thoughts. The more a thought is repeated the deeper its groove becomes. They tend to activate themselves when the appropriate situation arises. They are usually learnt from childhood from parents and teachers and if not can be nurtured by councilors or psychologists through conscious training. A woman who is taught to see life through a keyhole will never rise in her life and only limit her life as small as a view through a keyhole.

  • Accept yourself the way you are:

Others perceive often what you perceive about yourself too. If you see yourself as a loser in life chances are others will see you in the same way. Positive women take a step further to change people’s conception. In order to win respect in the society, they put themselves in a positive framework for themselves. This helps them in achieving goals which other woman and not think about.

  • Laugh as much as you can
    A wholehearted laugh can get rid of worries or stress levels bothering you. As a woman you are lucky to be enchanting in every special way. You compliment every role. That of the daughter, wife or the mother. Laughter at every stage is enjoying what you have and not fret over what don’t.

  • Believe in the Power Of Prayer
    It is not important to pray to God for a particular desire. Prayer inculcated power within. It makes you stronger and helps in having faith in yourself. A woman who prays for the family day in and out gives out positive vibrations to the family whereas a woman who does not pray at all brings misery in the house. A family that prays together lives forever. Belief in any deity makes you more patient and tolerant and accepting the way the life comes. A simple prayer can figure out every matter big or small. It is not necessary to chant for hours. A dedicated strong willed prayer is enough to give your message to God. Even therapists advice prayer for health and well-being. It tends to harmonize the body.

  • Stop fuming and fretting
    A woman who begins a day with nagging or fretting ends up being a discontented and unsatisfied homemaker. She has neither satisfied the family nor herself. In the quest of perfect life she destroys everyone’s peace. They do not realize they are destroying their mental and physical balance. She is shredding her joys into bits and pieces. This over stimulation of negative thoughts stirs up toxic poisons in the body and lead to emotional illness. It leads to fatigue and a sense of frustration in every thing around her. The best remedy for her is to calm herself down by not fretting over a situation and accept it the way it is. Women who are positive never fret over a situation. They come out of it by analyzing it and understanding it.

  • Create your own Happiness
    Everyone has his or her own Happiness Quotient. Women should know that the power of happiness lies in themselves rather than anyone else. Happiness is a state of mind. Women who are cheerful chose to be that way. Negative Women think on the contrary and make their lives miserable. If you keep on telling yourself you are unhappy you are bound to be that way.

Positive women are winners in life. They are the ones who make good homes, good industries and good lives. Any woman can be a positive one if she sets her mind to it.

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